Co-authored by Cheryl Sheer

It wasn’t long ago that most of us left the house every day.  Remember what it was like to be running late and rushing to get the kids dressed and fed and off to school?  Then, discovering that you’ve lost your keys or that the car wouldn’t start? The frustration and panic of not having what you needed when you needed it so badly?

We all depend on things being there and working at the exact moment we need them to.  The interconnectivity and dependency of the digital and physical systems within just your car can be mind boggling.  Now consider how much is at stake in large or medium enterprise and what it takes to feel confident that a multi-product, cross-architectural IT system will always be there for you, to enable to do exactly what you need to, when you need to.

Support is key:

Networks are the cornerstone of digital business, enabling collaboration and productivity for all of us. Globally, organizations are experiencing unprecedented levels of network traffic and growth, which in many cases is hastening the need and speed of network transformation and modernization. IT leaders are under extreme pressure to keep pace with rapid technology advances to enable business outcomes while maintaining responsibility for stable IT performance in an ever-more complex environment.

Cisco Support Services help you deliver for our shared customers the peace of mind and reduced compliance issues, exposure, risk, and downtime that they need to stay productive and focused on their businesses. Minimizing their downtime is extremely important, since the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute, according to Gartner. To learn more about our comprehensive service offerings and how they can help you profitably provide much-needed reliability and uptime for customers, take a look through our Support Services Value Playbook for Partners.

Beyond Support:

Customers who have a support contract, but aren’t using all the features and functionality of the technology solutions they bought, may have less downtime, but not the full business value of their investments. Customers are always looking for new ways to innovate, but they need help.  Cisco provides the foundational support, but you, our partners, are the ones to help our customers fully get maximum value from their investment and to ensure that their network and software is properly implemented and optimized.  You provide customers services and assurance that extend across hardware and software to proactively help them maintain continuity of operations not just today, but into the future.  And always looking forward and innovating for the future is a key to success for everyone.

It’s our shared objective to make customers successful. Cisco support and partner expertise form the foundation that supports customer business continuity and the secure, optimized solutions that they need to enable differentiated experiences for their customers. Customer success. Partner success. Cisco success. Support service, and how we profitably deliver them together, underpin it all. Learn more here.



Wendy Davis

Business Development Manager

IoT, SPT, and CX BEs Partner GTM