Make Your Real Estate a Strategic Asset

One of the benefits of working at Cisco is its commitment to a mobile workforce. With Spark, WebEx and Jabber, we’ve got excellent collaboration tools and we can work anywhere. Our office spaces are also great places to work. But we have lots of buildings. And by taking advantage of the flexibility of being mobile, we may leave offices vacant.

No one wants to invest in empty space. In the real world, 50% of office buildings are under-utilized. And real estate is second only to payroll in company cost.

That’s where Workforce Analytics comes in…

Our partner, Rifiniti, sells Optimo, a workplace analytics solution. It’s a SaaS analytics tool that uses data science to measure office space use and employee mobility.

We’ve been working with them for three years to test, improve and validate the benefits of the Optimo platform using Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). CMX is ideal to gather the wi-fi data that Rifiniti uses to construct analytics, visualization, and reporting tools.

The benefits are impressive. Using our combined solution:

A medical company saw cost per workstation drop from $10,000 to $2300.

A high-tech company saved $18m in five years.

Other mutual customers have reduced facilities and operating costs up to 50 percent.

With Cisco CMX and Rifiniti, we saved more than $600m in CapEx and OpEx in four years.

– Facilities Manager, Global IT Manufacturer

This is too good not to try at home. So recently, we installed Rifiniti in 100 Cisco buildings and have started our own digital utilization study to track occupancy and make better decisions about planning our space.

You can start the digital utilization study as well. Get started here: www.rifiniti.com/cmx and find out how you can lower operating costs and optimize the work space you have today.

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An overview of what to expect

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Visit the website –  Cisco Workforce Analytics


Julie Colwell

Marketing Manager

Global Partner Marketing