There is a proven link between operational readiness and business performance.  From a partner and distributor perspective, being operationally ready is about identifying the right mix of efficiencies for people, processes and tools to transact business at scale.  The value to you; operational efficiencies to keep and grow your competitive edge.

One of the many things I love about my team is their desire to not only move along with the latest trends, but also to offer world-class unique content that will help our partners, distributors, and their customers accomplish their most ambitious objectives.

Our focus is to be continually listening to our partners and distributors and we work under the “3 Cs” to deliver with Concise, Concrete and Coherent content and education to help you keep and grow your competitive edge.

This is exactly why we have launched our new Partner Operational Readiness space – The Hub, where our partners and distributors can find all the right resources to help transform and perform your recurring revenue journey.

A few of my favorite areas are:

People:  Our new series #MyCiscoReadinessFriend introduces you to the folks who (up until now) worked behind the scenes to help prepare you for operational change.

Training:  Not only do we offer live training, in local regional times – these sessions are in local languages including: Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, Portuguese, German, French, Spanish and English.

Webinars:  Live every month to connect you directly with experts and the latest news.

Check out some Pro Tips that help you stay up to date:

What content do you need access to today to help grow your business? What is on your training wish list? Let us know and we will build it for you!

Make sure to visit The Hub today to get the most from our digital offerings!

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Tim Knapp

Leader, Global Partner Readiness

Customer Partner Services