In this age of digital transformation, application availability is vital for business success. As our customers continue to deploy hybrid cloud environments – connecting applications from the cloud back to systems and data they maintain on premises and on the edge – keeping applications and data available 24/7 for all workloads can be a real challenge.

In response, Cisco and Veeam have partnered to help customers ensure application and data availability. Cisco and Veeam together deliver solutions to secure, backup, and recover data wherever it resides—on-premises, on the edge, and in the cloud.

By combining Cisco data center products and Veeam data protection solutions, customers minimize the risk of data loss, decrease application downtime, and easily adapt to business changes to meet even the most stringent recovery time objectives (RTOs) and recovery point objectives (RPOs).

Our mutual customers turn to Cisco and Veeam solutions to address a variety of issues, such as:

  • Legacy data protection solutions that limit the entire IT organization: When customers switch to a jointly developed Cisco and Veeam solution, they find they can backup data faster and more frequently, increasing protection and accelerating data recovery.
  • High operational costs: With legacy backup systems, a disproportionate number of resources are spent just to keep the lights on and run the systems. Deploying a new Cisco and Veeam solution streamlines management, freeing up resources to focus on value-added initiatives.
  • Unreliable and slow data protection: Customers look to us when their data protection is unreliable and slow. Cisco and Veeam are trusted companies with jointly developed pre-validated designs, enabling customers to quickly deploy solutions they know will work.

Cisco next-generation data center products meet Veeam next-generation data protection

Customers are modernizing their on-premises infrastructure with the broad Cisco array of data center products to meet their ever-changing application needs. These solutions include converged infrastructure (CI), hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI), and UCS storage servers.

In turn, Veeam provides storage snapshot integration with all the Cisco CI and HCI primary storage offerings. Veeam leverages native HyperFlex snapshots for backup from storage. With CIs like FlashStack and FlexPod, Veeam has deep storage snapshot integration developed directly with those storage vendors.

A few examples of the value storage snapshot integration can bring to customers include:

  • Ensuring that backup will not negatively impact the production workloads
  • Enable more frequent RPOs, and improve RTOs
  • Allowing granular recovery from both the backups and the storage snapshots

On the backup storage side, Cisco and Veeam can leverage Cisco UCS servers as secure, immutable, and high-speed backup storage targets. The UCS servers, like the S3260, provide appliance-like deployment of Veeam. In addition, Veeam provides scale-out capability to easily improve performance and capacity.

Protecting Kubernetes application and data at scale

The Cisco SaaS cloud operations platform is Cisco Intersight, which delivers infrastructure lifecycle management, intelligent visualization, optimization, and orchestration across public cloud and on-premises environments.

An important Intersight offering is Intersight Kubernetes Service (IKS). IKS is a fully curated, lightweight, container management platform for Kubernetes. IKS simplifies the process of provisioning, securing, and scaling—whether virtual or on bare metal—by providing complete end-to-end automation. With IKS, we can deliver Kubernetes operations across multiple public clouds—like AWS or Azure—and on-premises. We can literally take Kubernetes from cloud to core to edge.

As with any other production environment, there is a need for data protection. As such, Kasten by Veeam K10 protects all the Kubernetes environments managed and delivered by IKS no matter where they are—in the cloud, in data centers, or at edge sites.

Ransomware and digital resiliency

According to Veeam’s 2022 Data Protection Trends Report, only 24 percent of over 3000 respondents reported that they had not suffered a ransomware attack over the past 12 months. That said, it is likely that some of those organizations had, in fact, suffered a ransomware attack but were unaware of it. In any case, when organizations are attacked, they must recover most—if not all—of their data to be able to restore operations. This requirement is driving leading organizations to develop ransomware recovery plans so they can restore operations with minimal disruption and without paying a ransom to the criminals.

To help our mutual customers protect themselves against ransomware attacks, Cisco and Veeam provide a complete ransomware protection approach, from prevention through recovery. Cisco Security products provide a layered security defense model to prevent ransomware from infecting your environment. If a breach should occur, Veeam backup provides a last line of defense. If cybercriminals can encrypt the production systems, recovering from backups is critical to get a company back up and running.

Application and data availability are vital for business success

Regardless of your industry, maintaining 24/7 application and data availability is critical to delivering exceptional customer and employee experiences. To this end, Cisco and Veeam have combined forces for many years and have benefitted countless customers. We are industry leaders as separate solutions, but we’re even better together.


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