In today’s rapidly evolving market, companies are increasingly leveraging technology to create business value and agility. Cisco recognizes the importance of collaborative innovation with partners, which is why it’s key in its strategic direction. By forging strong partnerships and embracing innovation as a continuous business practice, Cisco harnesses the power of its partners and technology to create new and unprecedented experiences throughout the customer lifecycle, including building solutions that we never imagined possible.

Cisco actively creates opportunities and engagements to accelerate technology advocacy and capability through initiatives like the Partner Innovation Challenge and Partner Listening. This week, we are hosting the Global Partner Technology Executive Council (PTEC) event, where dynamic technology leaders from our global partner ecosystem join Cisco executives to co-ideate and co-innovate ideas that will drive the future.

Accelerating the Pace of Innovation

Collaborating with partners to co-develop technology solutions is key to driving innovation. Partners, who often work closely with customers on the frontline, possess deep insights into the complex challenges customers face and the specific outcomes they desire. By combining partners’ unique perspectives and complementary technical capabilities with Cisco’s specialized expertise and portfolio, the pace of innovation can be significantly accelerated. This level of collaboration enhances the overall innovation process, resulting in more feature-rich offerings that effectively address the complex problems faced by our mutual customers.

Empowering the Democratization of Innovation

The innovation landscape is giving rise to a new generation of innovators. Today’s builders are being equipped with the necessary training to shape tomorrow, and the future belongs to technology leaders who have a passion for innovation and the ability to apply it to real-world issues. Cisco is transforming from being just a technology provider into a platform provider, inviting builders to leverage our platforms and freely innovate. This empowerment of the democratization of innovation allows companies to unleash their creative potential and drive groundbreaking solutions.

Putting the Whole Innovation Ecosystem in Our Hands

Programmability has emerged as a game-changer, opening doors to diverse ideas that fuel dynamic technological innovation. Access to development tools has lowered barriers to entry, enabling more individuals to participate in the innovation process. The ability to customize and adapt technology allows companies to build tailored solutions rather than relying on generic, one-size-fits-all products. Facilitating seamless integration and interoperability between technologies and systems further enhances the innovation landscape. Moreover, nurturing innovation ecosystems promotes integration and the development of complementary solutions, leading to a virtuous cycle of innovation.

However, despite having access to a whole new world of innovation opportunities—quite literally, in our hands—it is only when Cisco and its partners align their capabilities, resources, knowledge, and learnings that the true potential of innovation can be realized.

Unifying How Companies Innovate Together

As advancements continue, the industry is witnessing the proliferation of standards that unify the processes, policies, and procedures governing how companies work together. The growth of technology vendors is expected to continue as barriers to entry are further reduced, similar to how Amazon facilitates businesses to conduct profitable operations beyond traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts.

Unlocking the Full Potential of Technology

Cultivating collaborative innovation with partners remains a transformative strategy for Cisco and its partners. It fosters faster and more comprehensive innovation, enhances product offerings, facilitates learning, and ultimately drives competitiveness. Successful partnerships create tremendous synergies that keep companies at the forefront of innovation and serve as key enablers in delivering exceptional customer experiences. Through Cisco’s strategic partnerships and commitment to innovation, customers unlock the full potential of technology, break barriers, and create groundbreaking solutions that shape the future of their industries.

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VP of Global Partner Engineering

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