Cisco Live this year is all about inspiration, education, and celebration. From the partner perspective, we view this through the lens of improving business resiliency, reimagining the application experience, and securing the enterprise, all while looking ahead at the changing economics driven by the evolution in customer technology consumption and buying preferences. What a great time to TURN IT UP!

With Cisco Live being fully digital in 2021, we reflect on how the world is in a much different place in how we work, connect, and engage—as are our customers. Now, as a post-pandemic world quickly approaches, our customers are eager to lock in many of the technology architectures that were adopted to support their businesses during the onset of lockdowns and remote work. When you think about that with a solutions-focused mindset, there are many takeaways from Cisco Live that speak directly to the journey customers are on and the help they need to navigate these strategic decisions.

I wanted to share the following three key takeaways for our partners, which speak to the heart of the journey that many of our shared customers are on:

  • Cisco is continuing to invest heavily in helping customers optimize their application experiences. Understanding that the application is the gateway to the infrastructure, partners can help customers gain visibility into their data, extract valuable business insights from that data, and act on those insights.
  • Customers demand security in everything they do. Delivering secure, agile networks by leveraging Cisco’s suite of platforms allows customers to focus on their core businesses as opposed to the resiliency and security of their technology infrastructures.
  • The future of work is to work wherever is most convenient for our customers. This requires a new type of secure connectivity solution that Cisco can provide with technology that works in any type of work scenario.

Understanding these key partner takeaways from Cisco Live is just a first step in aligning Cisco technology, customer demand, and your value to be the bridge between technology and the outcomes our customers demand.

Enjoy Cisco Live and be sure to watch session replays if you were unable to attend. Don’t forget, with your partner or distributor login, you can also continue to access the Partner Early Access Experience for Cisco Live 2021 as well.


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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales