It is with great excitement that I’m able to share updates on a few Cisco and Google joint development efforts that combine innovative technologies from each company into solutions that help improve outcomes for our mutual customers.

In this blog, I highlight three of our joint products across collaboration, security, and WAN networking: Cisco Contact Center with Google Cloud Contact Center AI, Meraki vMX Security and SD-WAN Appliance with Google Cloud, and Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud.

Cisco Contact Center with Google Cloud Contact Center AI (CCAI)

CCAI introduces new Google Cloud Contact Center AI capabilities to the contact center, enabling customers to offer human-like, AI-powered contact center experiences, lower costs, and freed up human agent time. We all know that customer experience is one of the most important considerations influencing customer purchase decisions. Poor experiences can lead to lost customers.

CCAI addresses this challenge, improving customer service with contact center AI virtual agents that assist human staff by understanding, interacting with, and talking to customers. The AI virtual agents provide natural, lifelike interactions and customer experiences that support accurate multi-turn conversations and instinctive interactions, built with deep learning technologies powered by Google Assistant. These AI virtual agents help free up human agents to focus on more difficult and specialized calls while providing them with real-time information, workflows, and turn-by-turn guidance. Analytics and reporting are also available to turn conversations into insights that help to uncover key call drivers, customer sentiment, and more.

Cisco software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) solutions integrated with Google Cloud

As enterprise traffic over the Internet increases to support hybrid work, cloud migration, SaaS adoption, and digital transformation, customers are adopting software-defined networking to manage and optimize the performance of their wide area networks (WANs) through SD-WAN offerings. SD-WAN enables organizations to securely connect users, applications, and data across multiple locations while improving WAN performance, reliability, and scalability.

In response to the increased importance of SD-WAN to many of our mutual customers, Cisco and Google offer two integrated, joint SD-WAN solutions for customers that run on Google Cloud:

  • Meraki virtual Mail Exchange (vMX) security and SD-WAN Appliance with Google Cloud
  • Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud

Meraki vMX Security and SD-WAN Appliance with Google Cloud

The Meraki vMX Security and SD-WAN Appliance is designed to support site-to-cloud use cases. This solution enables distributed branches and remote users to access their Google Cloud workloads dynamically and securely across multiple regions.  Meraki’s vMX extends customers’ physical MX deployment in minutes through the familiar Meraki dashboard. The vMX can be used as a customer’s SD-WAN and Auto Virtual Private Network (VPN) node to easily connect their network with their Google Cloud Platform (GCP) deployed services.

Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud

To help enterprises with their cloud journey, Cisco also offers Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud as part of the overall Cisco SD-WAN solution. Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud simplifies and automates the experience of connecting on-premise environments to the cloud. Using Cisco SD-WAN Cloud Hub with Google Cloud, customers can automate the extension of a single Cisco SD-WAN fabric to Google Cloud, supporting both site-to-site and site-to-cloud use cases.

Continued innovation, continued improved outcomes

When we first announced our Cisco and Google Cloud partnership back in 2017, our companies were focused on improving our customers’ journey to hybrid cloud. Today, our joint innovation expands into several technology architectures, integrating our complementary portfolios, driven by our shared vision of helping customers improve their outcomes by leveraging the innovative Cisco and Google products and technologies.

Cisco and GCP are committed to elevating our alignment with one another and exploring new routes to market with a focused go-to-market strategy, driving differentiated products to build customer momentum. We’re very excited about what is to appear on our partnership horizon.


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Will Suk

Global Partner Executive

Strategic Partner Organization