Cisco Collaboration’s mission is to put exceptional, easy-to-use collaboration in every room, on every desk, and in every pocket. You’ve seen us start to deliver on this mission for every room. And with today’s news we are now delivering this for every desk. Simple, no-compromise collaboration means not only new products for our partners to sell, but also opportunities for you to reach new customers, upgrade existing ones, and grow long-term revenues.

Reach New Customers with Affordable Collaboration for Every Desk

It’s not a one-size-fits-all world. Your customers need a range of products for different work styles, preferences, and use cases. The new Cisco DX70 and DX80  bring all the collaboration tools users need together in a single desktop device. They feature great sound, best-in-class HD video, unified communications features, email, instant messaging, and Android business applications. With value pricing and the potential for increased employee productivity, these products offer a compelling reason for your customers to add new endpoints on every desk. The Cisco Intelligent Proximity capability is a major competitive advantage, as it lets users wirelessly sync the devices with their smartphone to share contacts, call histories, and even meetings in progress. There is also significant opportunity for you to increase services revenue by developing custom applications based on your customers’ unique needs. Cisco innovation plus your strategic guidance, services, and custom development is a powerful combination. To learn more, visit our DevNet site, staffed by Cisco developers who can help answer partner questions. The new Cisco DX70 and DX80 desktop collaboration devices can help increase video adoption, extend your reach to new buying centers, and accelerate upgrade opportunities.

Expand Recurring Revenues with Collaboration Meeting Rooms

Cisco Collaboration Meeting Rooms (CMR) are the new converged video and web conferencing solution from the WebEx cloud that enable customers to meet their way. Cisco has the only video collaboration solution that combines proven, business-quality, multiparty video and web conferencing, with the choice of on-premise, hybrid, and cloud-based deployment. Now anyone who uses WebEx can have their own always-on, private video meeting room to collaborate with anyone on any device at any time, with a seamless and consistent meeting experience for everyone.  The flexible user licensing and pricing options and pay-as-you-go model will be attractive to your customers. But even more important, Cisco CMR can provide ongoing recurring revenues for your business. With this new software-led business model, your teams can grow the business by focusing their account management efforts on collaboration usage and adoption throughout your customer base. This is a huge new opportunity to increase WebEx licenses and video usage for your customers.

Learn more about these products, as well as our other new technology updates, sales tools, and promotions at cisco.com/go/collabpartnermay2014.

No one but Cisco offers you the ability to deliver software, hardware, and network solutions together for your customers. In today’s rapidly changing business environment, you have an enormous opportunity to make a difference, deliver an exceptional experience, and increase relevance with your customers. What will you do to put collaboration on every desk? Let us know.


Richard McLeod

No Longer with Cisco