We estimate there are approximately 1.4M potential mid-size and large customers globally. Reaching them with the right message and the right offerings at the right time is not trivial, nor is it something that just luckily happens. It takes a good understanding of the sales cycle and most importantly the knowledge of how to start the conversation around business planning and strategy. There is lots of new business to be won and Cisco is committed to your success with these customers.  Cisco’s new Partner Led Sales Excellence Training can set you on the right path.

Effective business planning is an important value that we bring to the customer.  A roadmap and a list of recommendations helps customers make strategic decisions across their organization without having to piece together all the offerings and connect all the dots themselves. That level of planning and consulting ultimately secures your place as a trusted advisor with the customer.

The new Partner Led Sales Excellence Training Modules help you get started. 

The training explains where and how to start with business planning and how to use it most effectively so that you increase your credibility and effectiveness with customers.  You leverage the same content the Cisco sales team uses, meaning that partners and the field are on the same page when it comes to the fundamentals of business planning for an account or territory.  In turn, you can better manage sales.  It’s truly a collaborative learning process that we have seen transform partners from salespeople into more strategic advisors that get at what customers really want and need. The training is available for all partner sales representatives in the Partner Led section of the Partner Education Connection (PEC).  An assessment that validates your successful completion of the training is available at Pearson VUE — and it just may help you qualify for, yes, a trip to a luxury resort.

The new Cisco Winner’s Circle* recognizes and rewards Cisco partner sales representatives who are the best of the best among our Partner Plus partners.  A group of top performers will attend a special event at a luxury resort where they will have the opportunity to network with top Cisco executives and be recognized as part of Cisco’s elite partner sales team.  You lead the sale in Partner Led and we want to ensure that your efforts are recognized.

Cisco is investing and will continue to invest in YOUR success.  Join us and reap the rewards.

* See the Cisco Winner’s Circle page for the geo specific eligibility criteria.


Andrew Sage

Vice President

Global Distribution & SMB Sales