Today, every organization, big or small, wants to fit in within the Hybrid Cloud world. The fast-paced technology is pushing our customers to accelerate their haul to Digital and operate in a multicloud environment. Cloud has become the predominant ground for businesses to store their data and applications, while organizations who still have their data on premise are planning a rapid migration to Cloud. According to the Cisco Global Cloud Index, 94 percent of all workloads will run in some form of cloud environment by the end of 2021. And keeping up with the scenario, earlier this year, Cisco’s Chairman and CEO Chuck Robbins shared the company’s paramount vision – “If We can Deliver from the Cloud, We will”.

Black Belt Academy: In unison with Cisco’s complete Cloud vision

Since its onset, Black Belt Academy has thrived to inline its curriculum with Cisco’s state of the art vision. Our principal endeavour at Black Belt Academy has always been to incorporate our Partner’s educational voyage with the newest technologies and latest products as soon as Cisco sets them forth. Consequently, the moment Cisco laid out its plans on transitioning most of its portfolio to cloud managed offerings – that can be delivered as a service, we at Black Belt sketched out the strategy for a brand-new track- “CLOUD EXPERIENCE”.

An all-new educational Pursuit on Black Belt Academy: The “Cloud Experience” Track

The focal point for the “Cloud Experience” Track on Black Belt Academy is Cisco’s unique value proposition – Cloud Hosting (Enable and Optimise the Multicloud, Hybrid and Edge) + Cloud Connect (Assuring the best in-class experience with end-to-end security and visibility). The track firmly outlines the Cisco’s Cloud Experience vision for an Application-Centric hybrid-multicloud environment. Application Centric because Applications are the business today and everything revolves plainly around them, multicloud since the data sprints across different clouds, while hybrid pertaining to a mix of cloud native applications and edge or Legacy based solutions.

And once you are familiar with Cisco’s complete cloud strategy, the ride down the track answers the most relevant and crucial question- The How? And to explain, how Cisco’s cloud portfolio ensures an augmented Cloud Journey for our customers while empowering them from all nook and corners, the “Cloud Experience” track lays out a precise detailed synopsis of the five integrated pillars that makes it all possible:

  • Operate – Learn how through Cisco’s centralized, SaaS-delivered management and optimization solutions, organizations can achieve operational consistency and automation to support legacy and modern apps, in public cloud and on-prem.
  • Connectivity – Understand in detail how Cisco’s SDN solutions integrate natively with cloud providers’ networks, offering secure connectivity and optimized performance between users, branches, DCs, & public clouds
  • Security – Comprehend the unrivalled breadth and depth of Cisco’s security portfolio which is unified in one location for greater simplicity, visibility, and operational efficiency in hybrid cloud.
  • Insights – Deep Dive into Cisco’s cloud native application platform, complemented by visibility from the application to the infrastructure, unlocking insights with AI-powered analytics. and business objectives
  • Continuity – In depth knowledge of how Cisco maintains continuity of the connected experience for the workforce and delivering a safe and trusted workplace for both office and remote workers.

So, start your “Cloud Experience’ Journey on Black Belt Academy and learn how you can confidently elevate those cloud conversations with your customers and help them migrate smoothly to a Hybrid-Multicloud network, making impossible, a possibility with Cisco.

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Umang Gupta

Content Business Development Manager

Cisco Black Belt Academy