I’m thrilled to announce that Cisco has been recognized as the AWS Global ISV Partner of the Year for 2023, a testament to our outstanding ability to collaborate and innovate. Let’s delve into the three key attributes that have set Cisco apart from others and enabled us to earn this prestigious award.

Our software portfolio available through AWS marketplace

Cisco’s selection as the winner of the AWS Global ISV Partner of the Year award is attributed to significant progress in making our software available on the AWS Marketplace. In the last fiscal year alone, we experienced robust double-digit sales growth in the marketplace for Cisco software. This achievement aligns with Cisco’s strategy of offering our customers a choice of where they purchase Cisco software.

In fact, the full range of Cisco software—security, observability, networking, and collaboration—is globally available through the AWS Marketplace. This includes Cisco Enterprise Agreements (EAs), enabling consumption across our comprehensive portfolio of software.

Purchasing through the AWS Marketplace offers numerous advantages to our customers. These benefits include increased speed and agility, enabling customers to quickly and easily procure the software they need to run their businesses. The marketplace also simplifies the procurement process by serving as a centralized platform for managing software purchases and consolidated billing on AWS. Strategically, it makes possible the decrement of Enterprise Discount Program (EDP) commitments, because customers can apply their purchases of Cisco software, dollar for dollar, toward these commitments.

Better together: Cisco, its partners, and AWS

In addition to offering our software on AWS Marketplace, Cisco is deeply engaged in collaborative co-selling initiatives with our partners and AWS. This collaboration is dedicated to optimally and securely deploying and operating our customers’ hybrid cloud environments. Functioning as “one team,” we leverage our extensive range of technologies and services to help ensure that our mutual customers enjoy outstanding experiences that not only meet but also surpass their desired outcomes.

By focusing on our partner-led approach, we’ve seen a greater than 300 percent increase in the number of our channel partners selling Cisco software on AWS marketplace during the past year. This surge exemplifies our dedication to accelerating the growth of our Tier 1 and 2 partner community and our distributors. This commitment has helped foster triple-digit co-sell growth with our partners and AWS.

Increasing agility and innovating faster for our customers

Finally, our strategy of making all Cisco software available through AWS Marketplace; our commitment to our partner community; and co-selling as “one team,” which brings our impressive array of capabilities together, ultimately leads to faster value realization and improved customer outcomes. At the end of the day, it’s these tangible improvements in customer experience and success that truly capture the essence of why we do what we do.

In summary, Cisco is dedicated to being where our customers are—today and in the future. I’ve had the privilege of leading the Cisco and AWS partnership since it began five years ago this month. Happy Fifth Anniversary! Being named the AWS Global ISV Partner of the Year is a fantastic way to celebrate this milestone. The journey, partnership, and transformation have been remarkable so far, and we’re just getting started. Here’s to continuing onward and upward!


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Lars Thorsen

Global Strategic Partner Sales Executive

Global Partner Organization