Black Belt Fire Jumper Training for Cisco Partners is the foundational Cisco security portfolio training program, identical to the Fire Jumper Academy for Cisco Employees. A Black Belt certification entails completing the latest 2023 edition consisting of three stages of trainings for your relevant role. Stages 1 & 2 are on-demand learnings that include introductory concepts along with detailed product information, while Stage 3 focuses on your ability to apply that knowledge (via labs, instructor-led workshops, and/or validation meetings with approved Cisco Channel Technical Solutions Architects).

There are three learning journeys offered in Black Belt Fire Jumper training program: Sales, Pre-sales Engineering, and FE Deployment that culminate with assessments to test your proficiency.

Black Belt Fire Jumper Sales

Check out the Cisco Black Belt Fire Jumper Training for Cisco PartnersAligning with the role and the responsibilities that come with it is crucial so as to help partners benefit from any Black Belt learning. Stage 1 targets the base, where Security Resiliency is thoroughly explained, including how Cisco’s Security Reference Architecture helps customers achieve it and the basic interrelation between networking and security. The learning plan includes industry concepts like XDR, SASE, and Zero Trust to enable a well-rounded cruise covering Security Essentials that serves as a perfect pre-requisite to stage 2.

The successive stage comprises of core and elective portions of learning. Learners can then undertake advanced core concepts like Cisco Secure Firewall, Cisco Umbrella and Cisco Secure Access by Duo, with a Deep Dive on Cisco SAFE. This is sequentially followed by completing their choice of at least three elective product learnings.

The third stage comprises of an instructor-led workshop that tests your ability to apply product knowledge in customer scenarios. Find out about these and other requirements: Fire Jumper Sales Stage 3 Workshops.

Black Belt Fire Jumper Pre-sales

The difference with the Pre-sales Role offering is highlighted in the latter stages. Stage 2 mandates a core learning of Cisco Secure Firewall, Cisco Umbrella, Cisco Secure Access by Duo, a Deep Dive on Cisco SAFE, and Cisco Security Reference Architecture Use Cases, covering messaging, use cases, how to demo, deployment options, and ordering.

Partners are again offered at least 3 elective learning plans to avail Black Belt Fire Jumper Pre-sales Stage 2 core certification. Stage 3 consists of an instructor-led workshop based on customer scenarios that require validation of the Proof of Performance.

Register for the Stage 3 Core workshop (“base tour”) in your region.

The elective plans offer on-demand materials and product labs based on the electives completed at Stage 2, also requiring Proof of Performance. View the details on the validation process.

Fire Jumper Sales and Pre Sales Framework

Black Belt Fire Jumper Deployment

In addition to the Stage 1 basics of the Sales/Pre-Sales roles, Cisco Validated Designs (CVDs), TAC, Firestarter, and Terraform are also included for the Deployment role.

Stage 2, thereon, offers on-demand materials for a glossary of Cisco security products, after which the third stage is a two-day workshop covering insights on how to deploy specified Cisco security products. The course includes policy types, installation and configuration, integration options, administration, tuning, and troubleshooting, which are then tested using a challenge lab or exercise, thus certifying the learner as a Black Belt Stage 3.

Robust business operations rely largely on the potency of its security architecture. Black Belt Security Training is designed to offer Cisco Partners insight into the intricate nuances of the realm. Through this foundational training program, we intend to offer world-class solutions to problems that act as bottlenecks in the endeavor of optimizing our capabilities.

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