Today’s announcement of Cisco Spark is about much more than a new app for team collaboration. It is about the modernization of businesses from traditional organizations to next-generation or agile enterprises. Rowan compares this change in the way people work to the beginning of a revolution. I think it’s important for us to realize the magnitude of the opportunity ahead of us. Only collaboration technology can truly change the way people communicate and empower them to work better together. Cisco’s portfolio is stronger than ever – and we will continue to innovate and simplify with new products like Cisco Spark, the MX800 Dual, Context Service for contact centers, and our new video software. Combine that portfolio with the strength of the Cisco channel, and we have the ability to help our customers transform into the next-generation, agile enterprises they want—and need—to become.

This is some pretty big talk – galvanizing a revolution – to capture a $60 billion market. It’s certainly going to require change, but we can do it together if we start now.

I ran across this quote by leadership author John Maxwell the other day on Facebook, and I think it offers a good way for us to think about this big transformation: “You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” I like this quote because it puts change into the perspective of the ordinary, of your “daily routine.” That seems more manageable than a revolution.

Starting last November, when we unveiled Project Squared, my team and a group of 300 partners have been changing our daily routine in a way that is already having a big impact on the way we work.

We all complain about the overload of email and texts and the challenge of finding information when you need it. But what are we doing about it on a daily basis? A few months ago, when I was just starting to change my work routine to include team rooms, I started to see a change. Initially, it might have been the middle of my work day before I remembered to log on to Squared – old habits die hard. But now it’s just part of the way I work – and all the information is there – in context. I’m in over 100 team rooms and get ongoing updates on my mobile phone. Cisco Spark is the number one way I communicate with my teams. And, btw, my email is no longer clogged with massive PowerPoint attachments.

Working in these rooms feels different, like we’re onto something bigger. It’s catching on like fire in the Collaboration Technology Group at Cisco, and you might be surprised how easily it becomes part of your daily routine.

Cisco Spark is the first product built on the Cisco Collaboration Cloud, and it’s just the beginning of the innovation we will deliver there. We are committed to you and giving you everything you need to lead this business transformation to cloud and more agile ways of working. Let’s spark a revolution together.

I would love to hear from you. How is Cisco Spark changing your daily routine and the agility of your business? How is your revolution going? Start a room with me and tell me what you think. Just download Cisco Spark from the app store or by pointing a web browser to http://web.ciscospark.com (use my email address to start the room: rmcleod@cisco.com).  Or send me a tweet: @RichardMcLeod


Richard McLeod

No Longer with Cisco