Deutsche Telekom is one of largest telecommunications companies in the world. After establishing themselves and their program as a best practice in Germany, the company was looking to expand their reach. They began focusing on their business in Central Europe to boost sales in places like Croatia and Poland, while also helping clients in these locations.

Deutsche Telekom says…

After looking at our business, we realized the answer was already in front of us: Cisco. We had been working with them for years, and we knew we could leverage our partnership. Together, we created the Musketeer project.

The project had two major steps. First, we encouraged a stronger community between Cisco, Deutsche Telekom, and all of our national communications companies. This human network helped Deutsche Telekom’s people share information about what Cisco tech could do for their clients, and we got a better idea of what their clients needed in return.

The next step was customized training, easily handled by Cisco Business Learning Partner, ExperTeach. Their customized courses meant Deutsche Telekom’s people knew the ins and outs of Cisco tech – from Meraki Wi-Fi access points, to public clouds, IoT and networks. More know-how meant engineers and sales people could better craft the solutions their clients needed, whatever the challenge. Since we started, more than 1,000 people have earned certifications in Cisco tech.

Deutsche Telekom couldn’t be happier with the results of the this project. The Cisco partnership and the Musketeer project helped boost sales in central Europe by at least 20% every year since we began. During the first year, overall sales in Poland, Greece, Romania, and Slovakia jumped 289%.

Along the way, Deutsche Telekom has slashed the time it takes to build solutions for clients from government, to aviation, finance, automotive and information technology. Now, everyone we work with communicate with ease.

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