IT security isn’t an afterthought anymore. The headlines have been full of everything from hacker attacks to the WannaCry virus and more. Organizations know they have to get in front of the next threat before it sneaks into their systems. But top-line security can be too pricey when you’re on a fixed budget.

Exabeam says…

One hospital in the UK was facing just this problem. They’d been told by the government they needed to upgrade their outdated security setup. But they didn’t have the money for trained staff to watch their systems all day, every day. Or to buy the top-of-the-line systems they thought they needed. So they asked Cisco for a solution.

Cisco put them in touch with us, Exabeam. We’re an IT security firm based out of San Mateo and we have a new way to keep your data safe from prying eyes.

Exabeam takes the expertise that a dedicated IT security staff can provide and builds it into our system instead. Which saves organizations, like our hospital client, time and money. We monitor all systems using our unlimited data lake tech that stores data in its original format until needed and the onboard machine learning assesses all security alerts, too. Then the system can decide which threats need attention right away and will let IT staff know in plain English what the problem is. Which cuts out the need for a pricey team of IT specialists.

Our fixed-cost approach to threat monitoring and detection also helps when you’re on a tight budget and you need to control total cost of ownership. We make that possible by using open source programming, big data analytics and machine learning, in this case all running on a solid backbone of Cisco products such as Cisco Stealthwatch, FirePower NextGen Firewall, Network for AMP and Cisco Identity Services Engine.

The result was cutting-edge IT security that kept the government happy and didn’t blow out our client’s fixed budget. And the security and GDPR compliance requirements dictated by National Homeland Security are met. As they said, “it’s like going from a junker to a Tesla.”

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