By leveraging technology, Cisco Partners have helped our mutual customers solve some of the biggest problems they’ve faced in recent history. And with proper training, partners can continue to help customers solve future problems—even as those problems become increasingly complex.

The right skills can lead to big gains

In order to solve those problems, though, individuals need to have the right training and relevant skills. Having a great sales team might get you in the door, but without people who know how to correctly implement and deploy solutions and provide support services, odds are the customer experience will just be good rather than great. In the era of reoccurring-revenue it is key to have the customer adopt all the features and functionality in the solutions you provide as a partner; this makes the renewal process so much easier.

The only way that you can provide amazing service and guarantee you get that renewal, though, is by having the right set of skills on your teams. There is so much education to focus on, however, it creates a challenge. How do you select the right training given the fact that each team member has limited cycles to equip themselves with the right skills?

The answer? Cisco’s Black Belt Academy

Cisco’s Black Belt Academy can help provide the relevant skills to your employees to support the entire sales lifecycle. We provide role-based enablement which aligns to the actual job an individual does, through on-the-job training that can be tracked through Return-on-Education metrics. In the last fiscal year (FY21), we had over 7,000 Partners and Distributors, with 44,000 Account Managers and Engineers, complete 95,000 certifications and record over $900M in sales and pipeline creation.

Furthermore, our most successful partners are also our top-performing Black Belt Academy participants.

Become a Black Belt Hero

Because technology is constantly evolving, so is the Black Belt Academy. Over the past couple of months, we’ve launched several new learning pathways, and the publishing roadmap for the next two months is packed with pathways and features our Partners have been asking for. One of the things we’re most excited about is our new Hero’s Journey campaign. Become a Black Belt Hero for your own personal and professional success, and help the world solve some of the most challenging issues it faces through the use of technology by building a better future for all.

If you’re a current Black Belt Academy user—or if you’re just now learning about it—join us and take part in our new Hero’s Journey campaign. Along with being able to hold the title of Black Belt Hero, you’ll also have the chance to receive a PearsonVue exam voucher up to the value of $400 USD by completing Stage 3 certifications.


I can’t wait to see you over at Cisco Black Belt Academy

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Martin Janse van Rensburg

Global Leader

Cisco Black Belt Academy