The Caruso Place luxury hotel in Naples strikes a perfect harmony between Neapolitan musical tradition and modern tastes. Named for a famed Italian tenor from the 1920s, Enrico Caruso, the hotel’s ten rooms are carved into the stone walls of a 16th-century palace. And it’s right next door to the historic San Carlo opera house.

But the hotelier also wanted to balance out all this tradition with some modern tech, too. So when restoring the building, the owner took great care with the digital details: from fast, free Wi-Fi to smart thermostats to custom access codes for each room. There’s even color therapy lighting in the bathrooms for when a guest’s mood needs a modern boost.

And the great thing is, the staff can manage this orchestra of digital devices from one place. It’s all thanks to Smartnet, a Cisco partner who brought all the systems together. Smartnet’s ConsolONE platform allows one point of view for all integrated technology including the wired and wireless systems from Cisco, personalized Cisco PBX phones, access control, video surveillance, and a firewall to keep everything secure.

Already, the hotel’s digital amenities have been a big hit. Using custom access codes, guests can go straight from booking a room to kicking back on the bed. No need to check in with hotel staff, fumble with a keycard, or feel obliged to leave a tip. They can also rest assured that their personal details (like their credit card digits) will stay safe.

It’s been a highlight for hotel staff, too. They can easily manage everything from the web, in just a few clicks. This frees them up to offer even more services down the line. Plus, their more secure system helps prevent non-guests from sneaking free Wi-Fi or room service.

All of this has helped this hotel offer a more personal, comfortable experience. Guests can marvel at the building’s history, while still getting the modern amenities they expect from a five-star stay. So the next time they’re back in Naples, they’re sure to book a room at Caruso Place.

Between booking a room and kicking back on the bed, there’s a bridge.

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