In today’s healthcare world, the art of teamwork is just as important as the art of medicine. At Parkview Medical Center in Pueblo, Colorado, the caregivers make collaboration a top priority—because they know their patients’ wellbeing depends on how well they communicate and connect with each other.

Yet until recently, the hospital’s aging wireless infrastructure made collaborating more difficult than it ought to be. Dropped phone calls and the occasional inability to connect to the internet disrupted team workflows. Parkview needed a new system with rock-solid reliability, along with air-tight privacy to protect patient data.

Setting the stage for transformation, the hospital looked to Apple and Cisco—a dynamic duo uniquely equipped to take Parkview’s teamwork and technology to the next level.

The hospital chose Cisco for their steadfast and secure wireless infrastructure. With Apple, they selected the iPhone as the device for all staff, equipping nurses and clinicians with a tool as powerful and secure as it is easy to use. Then paired this with a software platform from PatientSafe Solutions, an app that empowers clinical collaboration.

Now, with a robust and secure technology infrastructure, mobile device and platform, Parkview’s care providers have everything they need at their fingertips and can think on their toes. Nurses use the iPhone app to manage medications at the bedside, scanning the patient’s wristband with the native camera to make sure they’re giving the right medication and the right dose at the right time. They also use the app to confirm blood type and to ensure secure communication among clinicians.

The new system gives Parkview’s medical providers a winning combination of agility, reliability, and ease. While the hospital always had a low medication error rate, now it’s even lower—reduced by over 60 percent. Ultimately, they’re able to make a true art out of teamwork, resulting in the best possible outcomes for the patients in their care.

Between missed communications and ease of collaborations, there’s a bridge.

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Learn more about Apple and Cisco’s joint solutions as cisco.com/go/apple


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