Cisco Live is always an exciting time where technologists and innovators from around the world can come together to hear about the latest innovations. It’s a time to enhance technical skills and learn from the best in the industry, as well as have a little fun in the process.

It’s been several weeks since our event, and I feel strongly that Cisco Live 2021 really accelerated a mindset of innovation and excitement. There were several announcements around Cisco’s continued investment to enhance the customer application experience, secure enterprise data, and transform IT infrastructures. But sometimes it feels like there is so much great information flowing that it’s hard to grasp everything at once, so I wanted to take moment and refocus one on in particular that generated significant buzz: Cisco Plus.

Cisco Plus represents how Cisco is investing to offer technology that is in alignment with modern customer consumption and buying preferences, and our partner technical community has a significant role to play regarding Cisco Plus. As with any market-driven technology transition, it’s important to think about how technical teams can make a bigger difference and add customer value. Here are three key questions to consider.

  • First, is Cisco Plus right for the customer? When determining which customer is right for Cisco Plus, remember every customer is on a journey. Realizing the full value of Cisco Plus requires an expert who can look at the technology, the customer environment, and be the bridge to the desired business outcome.
  • Next, will Cisco Plus create customer value? Identify the key integration areas that could create additional business value for the customer. The key with any technology integration is that it’s done at the right pace and synergistic with existing technology that is in place.
  • And finally, is Cisco Plus being fully integrated? This is where many teams struggle, and where we can all improve. Always ensure the technology is being fully integrated into customer business processes post-deployment so they can extract the full value of Cisco Plus.

Each of these areas are required to make Cisco Plus a success, and I know our partner technologists are a key to making this vision for our customers a reality. Cisco Plus is simply a great example of how, working together, we can increase our momentum and instill our future-ready mindset – in our work at Cisco, our work with our partners, and ultimately in helping customers along their transformation journeys.

Cisco Live always inspires me to connect with partners in new ways and learn about the challenges they are solving for businesses. And this year especially I’m still riding high on the excitement around how we are innovating together to ensure the best customer outcomes to keep businesses moving forward.

You can view the Cisco Live on-demand replays here!


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Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales