At the foothills of Kentucky’s Daniel Boone national forest, you’ll find Morehead State University (MSU). Every fall, 10,000 students make the campus their home. And that campus comes with quite a view—a stunning backdrop of wildlife, wilderness, and changing leaves.

MSU wanted their technology to be just as impressive as the natural landscape that surrounds the campus — and with a high-speed, reliable Wi-Fi network. But their current technology infrastructure just wasn’t up to the job. Which meant students were spending too much time wandering their picturesque campus looking for a signal.

CBTS says…

They asked us to head to the hills. At CBTS, we hold unique capabilities across IT and communication landscapes, with expertise in hybrid and complicated environments. So, setting up large institutions with powerful and reliable networks are our specialty.

We studied MSU’s staff, students, and campus so we could deliver exactly what they needed. We set them up with a full suite of Cisco products for networking, Wi-Fi, and phone lines. And we provided a hosted ITS cloud system too. So, there was plenty of storage space for people who needed it, while none of it was wasted by people who didn’t.

It’s a big change, compared to their old system. But we made it simple to use and helped students and faculty at MSU get the most value out of their new technology.

Now, students wandering the campus are taking in the beauty of the natural surrounding—not desperately raising their phones for a decent signal. And as MSU keeps growing, they have an infrastructure as strong as the forest around them

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