Everyone could use an extra pair of hands on the small tasks that add up. Like scheduling meetings, plugging numbers into a spreadsheet, or helping to design your sales deck. However, most of us don’t have the type of job that comes with a personal assistant.

Until now.

Meet Taskware. Our teams of expert assistants are standing by to help anyone with (almost) anything. We tackle tasks like building and managing customer support teams, bookkeeping, web research, and data entry, to name a few. So you do more of what you do best, and Taskware takes care of the rest.

To make it even easier for you to connect with us, we’ve connected our services to Cisco Webex Teams, formerly Cisco Spark.

We brought this idea to life through the Cisco Webex Innovation Fund, formerly Cisco Spark Innovation Fund, which helps partners develop amazing collaboration tools like Taskware.

Now, you can easily add the Taskware assistant to Cisco Webex Teams. Once you’re all set up, you can email, chat, or call someone who’s standing by to help you out. Whether you need to book a flight, make a reservation, create a killer presentation, or do any of the little things that take you away from the big things.

So by the end of each day, your to-do list becomes your that’s-done list.

Imagine bringing Taskware to your clients too!  Your clients will use Cisco Webex Teams more frequently and be more productive. Plus, Taskware has a referral program where you can generate higher average revenue per user.

Email Cisco@helpware.io for more information.

The story doesn’t stop there…

Discover how our other partners are helping customers around the world.

Check out the Cisco Webex App Hub (apphub.webex.com) for more info on the Taskware integration.


Gioia Ferretti

Partner Stories and Communications

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