Partner Success Story

When it comes to IT innovation, tech companies aim to practice what they preach.

That was the case with California-based consultancy Entisys360, a leader in the deployment and delivery of advanced IT solutions. When the company saw that their customers were looking for new levels of mobility, scalability and security – key features found in cloud-based products – they knew they needed to respond and transform their business.

Entisys360 was ready to make the leap from their long-time role as a Value-Added Reseller (VAR), to a Cloud First Business, one that included a healthy DevOps practice. A big move with a big risk: How to make the transition seamless for their customers – some of whom had been with them for 30 years?

Entisys360, a Cisco partner themselves, called on Cisco for help.

As part of our Digital Solutions Integrator Program, Cisco DevOps specialists worked with Entisys360’s in-house team to integrate new cloud-based services and ramp up digital capabilities on every front. And they did it with the customer experience in mind.

Now that Entisys360 has refocused their business model, those loyal customers can trust that their solutions provider – and their partners – will do whatever it takes to keep their technology in tune with the times.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing