Partner Success Story

Within the storied walls of Youngstown State University, leaders came together in pursuit of a vision. What was that vision? To get rid of those storied walls.  

No, this isn’t a renovation project. This is a project about access, and expanding the university’s offerings to students all over the world.

University leaders envisioned a different type of classroom. A classroom of the future, where learning could take place 365 days a year. A connected classroom, where students and teachers could interact virtually, any time and from any device. And also a judgement-free classroom, where students could wear sweatpants without anyone noticing or pointing fingers.

Okay, maybe they weren’t thinking of that last one.  

Regardless, the university turned to Cisco partner Logicalis to create this classroom, minus the room. And thanks to a generous grant from a university donor, the school was able to create, not just one, but eleven of these classrooms of the future – called “collaboration stations” – in six of their colleges.

Powered by the cloud, each station lets students and teachers meet face-to-face through video conferencing, and collaborate in real-time. Logicalis also trained faculty and staff on how to use and maximize the value of the technology. And even greater, they continue to provide ongoing support so the learning can continue, glitch-free.

Now, thousands of students can learn at Youngstown State University, no matter where they are in the world.

Between learning and access, there’s a bridge.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

Global Partner Marketing