Roanoke County is home to five high schools, full of students who are ready to learn. But the county couldn’t always bring kids classes that fit their strengths. Each school was a bit different, with its own subjects and electives. Which meant German could be offered in one school, while a student dreaming of attending MIT was sitting in another.

Sycom says…

The county wanted every student to have the same opportunities, but teachers couldn’t jump between buildings. And budgets didn’t let schools hire more staff and offer more subjects.

Roanoke County knew tech was the answer. Luckily, a leader in complex IT solutions was just around the corner. We’re SyCom. And we teamed up with Cisco to help the county help their students.

Together, we turned the five different high schools into one connected super school with Cisco Meeting Server video tools. That made it easy for kids to learn from a distance, while actually feeling like part of the class. And it didn’t just help students. Teachers and administrators got to use the tools, too, for everything from professional development to county-wide meetings.

The new solution made the grade, thanks to the SyCom + Cisco partnership. Together, we didn’t just bring in a solution—we also taught the schools the tools, so every class, conference, and pop quiz could start on time and without a hitch.

In teaming up with SyCom and Cisco, Roanoke County has done more than offer more classes. They’ve opened doors for kids, whether they’re a future developer who wants to learn how to code or a budding novelist looking for a lit class.

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