If you farm, landscape, or garden in Belgium, you’ll know the name Aveve. They’re a go-to provider for Belgian farmers, but they also make machines and run retail stores. So far, they have 250 shops and have been voted the country’s top chain for two years running. And they keep that top spot by putting customers first. So they’re always looking for new ways to tend to people’s needs.

Aveve has been focused on growing technology and cultivating digitization in their shops. They want to bring in tools like self-service kiosks, customer apps that run on storewide Wi-Fi, and even digital heat maps that help employees spot places where customers might need help.

Dimension Data says…

These were all great seeds of ideas. But Aveve’s infrastructure wasn’t quite prepared for the growth.  They needed a second pair of hands to help them lay some tech foundation, before they could make their ideas a reality. So, they came to us at Dimension Data and we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

We decided Aveve needed a single, centralized cloud solution to connect every inch of their stores. To make it happen, we set them up with Cisco Meraki—one Wi-Fi network to work across the hundreds of Aveve sites. With Meraki, staff can monitor and manage the network remotely, all while grabbing data from every different store.  Now, they end up saving time and money, while also learning more about their customers.

With their new network, Aveve can grow their technology within their shops, warehouses, and out in the world—with everything from personalized customer service and interactive kiosks to wireless scanners and drones that track crop growth. And at Dimension Data, we’re ready to help Aveve with whatever new ideas sprout up next.

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McCall Moore

Marketing Specialist

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