The business environment has entered new territory – locally and globally – and leaders are turning to technology for solutions.  Innovation and technology are helping keep the business running to ensure the wheels are turning and evolving the way we work. While we’ve been exploring the possibilities for large-scale remote work for many years, with so many people now actually working from home we have a unique opportunity to focus creativity around the power of technology to virtually keep business flowing.

The Cisco Partner Innovation Challenge is particularly meaningful this year because it encourages us all to dive deep, solve business obstacles and explore new ways of thinking. With Cisco’s platform as the foundation, we can combine innovative creativity with technology know-how to solve real problems now.  This challenge is open to any Cisco partner that can develop a new solution while harnessing the power of Cisco open APIs across any part of our portfolio.  I encourage partners to use this challenge to channel all the great thinking around the business continuity response that is undoubtedly happening within your teams.

This is the third year of the challenge.  In fact, last year we saw the number of partner submissions increase almost four-fold over the previous year.  This included a number of inspiring entries that were based on the concept of compassion, such as creating more opportunity for network engineers with special needs.

This year we can go even further. With more exciting prizes and recognition opportunities at Partner Summit and other Cisco events, I’m really looking forward to seeing how all of you in our partner community will continue to address to the changing needs of business with a mindset of innovation.

It’s clear innovation in our industry has never been more important to the rhythm of the workforce than in recent weeks. Combine that with the individual passion of our partners, and just imagine what we will do together for our customers.

Visit the 2020 Partner Innovation Challenge site today for enrollment deadlines and to learn how you can get started.



Alex Pujols

VP of Global Partner Engineering

Global Partner Sales