In a panel discussion led by Cisco within the Energy and Transition stream of Climate Week NYC’s “The Hub Live”, experts explored the topics of “transforming grids globally, and the role of technology, digitalization, and collaboration on the road to renewable expansion.” Cisco Refresh, one of Cisco’s earliest sustainability initiatives, is now in its third decade of existence and continues to make a positive impact on the planet.

Our long-standing programs focused on return and reuse, including our remanufactured products offered through Cisco Refresh, help contribute to our customers meeting their sustainability goals, while also helping us make progress towards our Platform for Accelerating the Circular Economy (PACE) Capital Equipment Pledge. These programs can create a second life for equipment, thereby saving resources required for new manufacturing and reducing waste.

Sustainability at different price points

At Cisco, one of the priorities of our environmental sustainability strategy is to evolve the business to circular. Cisco Refresh can support customers and partners in this transition.

Cisco certified remanufactured equipment meets the same quality standards that you would expect from equivalent new Cisco products, it is attractively priced, ships fast, and is backed by the same Cisco warranty and service options as the equivalent new product. It extends the life of existing equipment and can help different tiers of organizations leverage their IT to reach sustainability goals.

At the same time, remanufactured technologies can serve as a part of purchases. What we recommend is a blended approach to technology purchases—one which uses cutting edge technologies in the parts of your infrastructure where you are seeking performance and efficiency gains, and remanufactured equipment in places where legacy products are meeting your needs just fine. This has emerged as a critical part of Cisco customers’ business strategy.

Environmental footprint improvement

Immediately available, the Cisco Refresh options require just a small fraction of the energy, raw materials, and water it would take to build a new product from scratch. And the remanufactured product goes on to have a second life—or third, or more. It supports sustainability and customers experiencing rapid growth who need access to Cisco technology on short notice.

With this in mind, remanufactured product options are one to recognize when we talk about the future of technology and our planet at Climate Week or any other week for that matter. If you are interested in connecting with us to learn more based on your needs and how you can support circularity and reduce natural resource use by incorporating remanufactured equipment into your sustainability plan, please reach out.

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Linda D'Amico

Senior Director, Cisco Refresh & Global Compliance

Cisco Capital/Cisco Refresh