Today, we are proud to celebrate Cisco being named an Official Partner of the LA28 Olympic & Paralympic Games and Team USA.

For more than 100 years, the Olympic motto was Higher, Faster, Stronger. Ahead of the Olympic Games Tokyo 2020 – with the world searching for a renewed sense of community in the wake of COVID – the International Olympic Committee (IOC) elevated the motto to “Higher, Faster, Stronger – Together,” emphasizing the power that unity can bring to our world.

As we look ahead to 2028 and what it means to support the LA28 Olympic & Paralympic Games in our own backyard, our focus on the importance of Together is greater than ever.

Delivering on the global stage, securely

Bringing the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games to life requires a massive and global ecosystem of passionate (and tireless!) subject matter experts. On the technology side, the scope and complexity of these events and today’s digital landscape means we must deliver on the largest stage in the world, when the lights shine the brightest and there is no room for error. And, with each new generation of Olympic & Paralympic Games, the complexity increases as the need for industry-leading network security grows. In Tokyo and now for Paris, Cisco acts as a trusted partner of the Organizing Committee to securely connect the Olympic & Paralympic Games through our networking equipment to:

  • deliver an always-on unified view of the organization’s entire digital footprint
  • proactively defend critical infrastructure
  • prevent outages
  • refine the network experience in real-time

Over the next four years, we expect AI to drive incredible transformation across industries and the world, and we are dedicated to making sure the LA28 Games have the secure connectivity at the global scale they need as we usher in the era of AI.

Amplifying the ideals of an inclusive future

We want our involvement to go beyond the LA28 Games themselves. With the platform of the LA28 Games, Cisco has a unique opportunity to positively impact Los Angeles beyond our networking equipment by inspiring young Angelenos to see a future for themselves in technology – with world-class training and hands-on learning readily available with Cisco Networking Academy – one of the longest-standing IT skills-to-jobs programs worldwide.

In LA, 35 active Cisco Networking Academy sites have supported 34,000 students since the program’s inception in 1997 with comprehensive education and training. While everyone involved in the LA28 Games will contribute differently, Cisco’s goal is to help prepare individuals in the region for the opportunities that the future of work will bring.

Pushing boundaries and striving for excellence

Through the lens of sport, the LA28 Games highlight our potential to push the boundaries of possibility and strive for excellence. We see examples of this spirit every day across the company, as our teams around the world work tirelessly to make an impact on our company and on the world. In particular, I would like to acknowledge our Cisco France team for their Herculean effort and execution these last several years to debut the new Cisco Innovation Center in the heart of Paris. In addition, the community program Generation Champions is making a country-wide impact in promoting the importance of sport for young people.

It’s also hard to overstate the pride we have in our 20 remarkable Cisco employees who were recognized for living out the Olympic motto every day. Each one of them is a passionate and committed ambassador of Cisco’s Purpose to power an inclusive future for all. Their stories will inform and inspire our journey to LA28 and beyond.

Our longstanding and cherished partnerships within the Movement and now with LA28 is a tribute to how Cisco’s Purpose-driven DNA aligns with the ethos of this global event. Just as the LA28 Olympic and Paralympic Games will bring out the best in athletes and audiences around the world, they will also bring out the best in Cisco. We are inspired to go higher, faster, stronger, and to do so together.

Read the press release:  Cisco Becomes Official Partner of the LA28 Olympic & Paralympic Games and Team USA.


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Francine Katsoudas

Executive Vice President

Chief People, Policy & Purpose Officer