Human beings are nomadic, social creatures by nature. Throughout the course of human history, we have innovated new communication technologies to help us stay in touch with our social networks while we roamed the globe. In today’s digital connected world, we have become “addicted” to mobility because of all the ways it enriches our life experiences. As proof of this fact, just watch how quickly passengers turn on their smartphones upon landing when you take your next flight.

Cisco is at the very center of the mobility technology revolution that is connecting the previously unconnected to benefit how we work, play, live, and learn. Our technologies and solutions have helped service providers build out their network infrastructure to give reliable mobile access to people and things in the places that matter most. Not far off on the horizon, mobile connections will be seamless and ubiquitous and the network infrastructure will be heterogeneous and transparent to the user.

Today, Cisco is ushering in a new era in the mobile revolution–not just to continually advance the network infrastructure, but also to impact what can be done to make money with all those connections. Please watch my video for an overview of our groundbreaking announcement.


Our goal in driving the monetization opportunities with service providers is simple. Give them the tools they need to create differentiated services that capitalize on data in motion, open new markets, and increase revenues and profits. Cisco is playing to win in this market transformation focused on creating new mobile experiences and monetization opportunities. We are making this possible for service providers AND for all businesses large and small that must embrace mobility as a strategy or risk being left behind. The new equation for growth is Mobility = Motion = $$$$.

To learn more about the solutions, please visit http://cs.co/moint.

The press release for this announcement can be found at http://cs.co/mopr.


Kelly Ahuja

Senior Vice President

Service Provider Business, Products, and Solutions