We launched Cloud Scale Networking about a year ago to address the initial wave of software and hardware innovations that were built to enable co-development with Web Scale companies. Last July I offered my views on how Service Providers can thrive in the future. Since that time I have had the privilege of meeting with Service Providers of all types (Telco, Cable, Web/OTT, etc.) to discuss their business objectives and I’m pleased to report that common ground exists!

Common ground exists in the form of the tools that are being used to achieve speed, flexibility and growth while mitigating risk. While it’s true that data center scale for a Web Provider and access network scale for a Telco are two very different scaling challenges, we are finding more commonality in the tools that we use to address both problem sets. And that’s only part of the challenge. With Cloud Scale Networking Cisco is also delivering the tools necessary to shift skill sets, and even culture, in traditional service providers. These capabilities open up new possibilities to take advantage of capabilities like Web Scale automation and Dev-Ops based rapid and flexible service creation. If you are asking yourself ‘What’s Cloud Scale Networking?” I’d encourage you to watch this video.

Business transformations typically need new solutions with dynamically different cost models and operational approaches. I’m proud to say that Cisco started early and is continuing to lead the industry in this transition. You are going to see more from us via new capabilities in IOS XR and extending these features across a broader product portfolio. We will also continue to evolve our hardware platforms to meet these changing business conditions.


SP Transformation is a subject that’s near and dear to me, having been on the Service Provider side of the business for most of my career. Central Office Transformation is common ground in the discussion of how to evolve for Digitization. With a laser focus on providing ruthless ease of operation through network simplification, automation and virtualization we all strive for efficiency, agility and innovation across our businesses. And sometimes history is the best teacher. Understanding your current network and how to apply Cloud Scale capabilities is just as much a history lesson as it is a Dev-Ops project.

I’m proud of my team and I know that this set of Cloud Scale solutions becomes more compelling week by week. I still think that there’s never been a better time to be a Service Provider. As this journey shifts into overdrive, I’d ask you to shift your thinking about what’s possible. I’m dedicated to helping the broader industry reap the benefits of the transition to 5G, IoT, and Cloud. I’m also passionate about providing ruthless ease of operation, delivering new ways to automate and simplify networking and service delivery to improve profitability. The future has never been brighter!


Yvette Kanouff

Senior Vice President/General Manager

Service Provider Business