Correction: This content has been adjusted to reflect appropriate approvals for use of customer names outside of Cisco.

As technological change occurs at a faster and faster pace, a new language is spreading across the business world. For CIO and line-of-business executives, it’s no longer enough to debate 12- to 18-month programs that incrementally improve the status quo. Instead, executives with an eye to sustainable success are talking “business outcomes.”

At Cisco, we understand this language; we understand that we must focus on helping customers achieve their business priorities quickly, to stay ahead of market transitions and the competition. In Cisco’s Services organization, we demonstrate our stake in our customers’ success by delivering solutions to meet technology trends head on:  cloud, mobile, social, big data, and security. And we tie technology solutions to business outcomes—like growing revenues, reducing costs, and securing customer information networks—using analytics to make sure our customers are progressing toward their goals. Here are a few examples of how Cisco Services is helping across many industries.

  • Public Sector—Facilitating video consultations for hospitals in the Region of Southern Denmark, enabling telepsychiatry (consultations with psychiatric patients via the Internet) to improve the patient experience (in terms of comfort, travel, and efficiency) for the hospital district
  • Oil and Gas—Enabling a global oil company to monitor drill sites proactively, leading to greater safety and faster return to productivity when incidents occur
  • Data Center—Enabling a large North American retailer with 13 distribution centers and 137,000 employees to manage skyrocketing operational costs by helping them implement a RISC migration to UCS, resulting in $50M in cost savings over three years

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Parvesh Sethi

Senior Vice President, Advanced Services, Cisco