Today, I’m excited to announce the acquisition of Synata. Synata is a privately-held company based in San Francisco that will enhance how customers can search rooms and content within Cisco Spark, our business collaboration service.

Cisco Spark is built on the Cisco Collaboration cloud and enables customers to message, meet, or call anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Over the past year, Cisco’s Collaboration team has continued to innovate on Cisco Spark, delivering new features and increased momentum in the market. More recently, our enterprise customers have been asking us to continue developing search capabilities within Cisco Spark to deliver increasingly fast, intelligent and relevant results.

Synata’s technology allows users to search both on-premise and cloud-based applications simultaneously from one platform. Their search technology will also work within Cisco Spark’s unique approach to end-to-end encryption in the cloud, which makes them a great fit for our team. Like us, they prioritize cloud development that allows customers to have privacy and control of their data at all times. With Synata’s search capabilities, we can take Cisco Spark’s existing search capabilities to the next level. Once integrated, customers will be able to find the most relevant information quickly and securely. Read more about how Synata’s technology will be integrated into Cisco Spark on Rowan Trollope’s blog.

Collaboration continues to be a top priority for Cisco. Today’s acquisition builds on the success of other recent acquisitions in collaboration like Collaborate.com, Assemblage, Tropo, and Acano. Together, we will accelerate our development in cloud and collaboration.

We’re extremely excited to welcome a team with proven expertise in search technology to Cisco, and can’t wait to work with Synata to keep driving Cisco Spark momentum.

Find out more information about our other Cisco Spark news today here. You can also find additional information on the Synata announcement on cisco.com


Rob Salvagno

Vice President

Corporate Development and Cisco Investments