The Cisco Enterprise Mobility group uses this mobility blog as a platform to provide you the most up-to-date information about our products and solutions, showcasing our thought-leadership in the mobility industry and innovative and comprehensive portfolio.  So let’s revisit some of those topics we covered over the last year.


The top 10 most read blogs in 2014 are:

10. HDX Blog Series #1: Why Spectrum Intelligence Still Matters

9.  Wi-Fi Roaming 101

8.  Get Your WLAN Ready for Google Android L and Apple iOS 8

7.  HDX Blog Series #4: Optimized Roaming

6.  Indoor Wi-Fi Location and Beacons: Better Together Part 2

5.  Wired or Wireless: Connect with Aironet 700W Series Access Points

4.  Apple iOS 8 and MAC Randomization: What It means for Cisco’s Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Solution

3.  Indoor WiFi Location and Beacons: Better Together

2.  All 802.11ac Vendors are the same…Right?

1.  Cisco’s 802.11ac Portfolio Expands with the New Cisco Aironet 2700 AP


We look forward to a new year of continual support of your business and organizations through our cutting edge, quality, and high performing technology.

What are some topics you’d like for us to cover more this year?

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