Have you ever bought a car without taking it out for a test drive? Subscribed into a streaming service without the free trial? Or bought a pair of glasses online before using the home try-on offer?

I’m going to assume that 9 out of 10 times, the answer is a resounding No!

Testing a product before committing to purchase is a key part of modern human behavior. And it makes sense – because why take a leap of faith when you can ‘try before you buy’?

Cisco DNA Spaces is the business outcomes cloud for your network and free trials have been a key part of our growth strategy (sign-up for a 30-day free trial).

As we launched enterprise IoT services on Cisco DNA Spaces, we asked ourselves a question: What is the best way for our customers, sellers and partners to experience the power and potential of driving IoT services on their network infrastructure?

We wanted our customers to touch, feel and experience the innovation. So, the answer was IoT starter kits. You can test 4 handpicked use-cases – Wayfinding, Asset Management, Space Occupancy & Environmental Monitoring – all from the comfort of your home or office labs.

No need to sit through boring presentations, browse through multiple product collaterals, and verify product claims. Just order a free IoT starter kit on our demo central. In 10 minutes or less, you’ll be able to experience how Cisco DNA Spaces will transform your Cisco network into an IoT gateway.

What’s included in my IoT Starter kit?

Our free starter kits are an opportunity to test use cases leveraging BLE IoT devices on Wi-Fi 6 access points. Each kit contains integrated devices from a variety of global IoT vendors within the Cisco DNA Spaces ecosystem. Order starter kits or view more information here.

What use cases can I test?

Asset management

Ever lost your phone or your car keys? You’ll surely remember the panic and the frustration that followed. Now, imagine what happens when a critical asset goes missing in your huge business facility.

Misplaced assets and the lack of a real-time asset management solution cost enterprises time and money. Cisco DNA Spaces allows you to turn your Wi-Fi 6 infrastructure into a powerful asset tracking system. You can order the Asset Management Starter Kit and test it out by placing tags to track important belongings such as iPads, printers, mobile phones, and computers in real-time. If, for example, your computer goes missing, you can receive an immediate alert that prompts you to take corrective action.

Video (Asset Management with Cisco DNA Spaces) : Asset Management with Cisco DNA Spaces – Unboxing & Setup

Environmental monitoring 

If you are in charge of managing facilities that store pharmaceuticals, vaccines, food or other environmentally sensitive inventory, you’ll definitely want to order our Environmental Monitoring Starter Kit. It allows you to deploy BLE humidity and temperature sensors on your Wi-Fi 6 network and detect environmental change in real time.

You can easily test out these use cases in your lab. Just attach the sensors to your freezer, refrigerator or wine cooler and configure your optimum temperature threshold. If that threshold is breached, you’ll be immediately notified.

Video (Environmental monitoring with Cisco DNA Spaces) : Environmental Monitoring with Cisco DNA Spaces – Unboxing & Setup

Space occupancy 

As businesses return to work, we’re seeing an increased demand for occupancy tracking. Facilities, workplace services, HR and even IT professionals – all of them want real time visibility into the occupancy of their buildings.

If you’re looking for a way to maintain workplace safety and track occupancy within your buildings or your meeting rooms, order our Space Occupancy Starter kit to test when your buildings are nearing their occupancy limit.

Video (Space Occupancy with Cisco DNA Spaces) : Space Occupancy with Cisco DNA Spaces – Live Demo

Indoor wayfinding

Ever been the last one to arrive at the boarding gate in an airport, just because you were lost? Don’t worry! There are thousands like you – struggling every day in hospitals, manufacturing plants, malls and venues, to navigate from point A to point B.

Our Wayfinding Starter Kit enables you to showcase seamless wayfinding indoor navigation capabilities by providing digital maps, instant indoor location and intuitive navigation. Visitors can navigate their way seamlessly around venues with turn-by-turn directions and smart search.

Video (Indoor Wayfinding with Cisco DNA Spaces) :  Indoor Wayfinding with Cisco DNA Spaces – Unboxing & Setup

Prerequisites for using starter kits

To utilize the starter kits, it is necessary to have the following:


  • Wireless LAN controllers: 9800-L, 9800-CL, 9800-40, or 9800-80.
    Recommended version 17.3.2a
    Minimum requirement 17.3.1
  • Catalyst 9100 Access Point
  • Maps – either from Prime or DNA Center
  • DNA Spaces account with ACT license. Sign up for free here
  • Spaces Connector

If you don’t have the prerequisites, don’t worry! There are 2 other ways to experience these use cases:


  • Pre-recorded demos: We have a library of pre-recorded demo videos of use cases, setup and unboxing of starter kits.
  • Book a live demo with Freddie: Freddie is a unique robot stationed at Cisco lab, that allows you to remotely experience the magic of our IoT use cases. Our customers have been able to take control of Freddie remotely and test out space occupancy and other use cases – all from the comfort of their home.

Wrapping up: Stay tuned for more

The IoT starter kits are as much an opportunity for us as it is for you. For us – it’s an opportunity to demonstrate the value of our product. For you – it’s an opportunity to visualize and experience how Cisco wireless infrastructure has become the gateway to deploy and scale IoT use-cases that will drive tangible business outcomes for your enterprise. From IT teams to facilities, operations, HR and customer experience, everyone in your organization will benefit with these new use-cases.

Cisco DNA Spaces is the industry’s leading outcomes cloud for your wireless network. From location-based services to indoor IoT to next-generation of Wi-Fi onboarding – we make your buildings smart. It is our priority to provide you with experiential demos that you can see, touch and test the use cases that matter to your business. Our IoT starter kits are only the first step in that direction. We have a lot brewing under the hood! Stay tuned.

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Vivek Menon

Leader, Product Management

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