Vivek Menon

Leader, Product Management

Secure Access - Cisco DNA Spaces

Vivek Menon leads growth product management for Cisco DNA Spaces. DNA Spaces is Cisco's leading indoor location services platform, that is on a mission to digitize physical spaces. As the head of growth product management, Vivek operates at the intersection of product, adoption, UX & digital GTM. He is responsible for the full SaaS customer lifecycle GTM of DNA Spaces: awareness, activation, trial/purchase, adoption, upsell & renewal. Prior to Cisco, Vivek was the Vice President of Marketing at July Systems, acquired by Cisco, to launch Cisco DNA Spaces.


December 21, 2020


Cisco DNA Spaces helps businesses weather the pandemic

Cisco DNA Spaces moved quickly during Covid-19 to help the Cisco customer community build business resiliency. Learn about new features delivering value for businesses during the 2020 pandemic.