Meeting the moment – The great reevaluation

There is a lot of talk recently about the “Great Resignation”. The latest numbers from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (March 2022) say over 13 million people quit their jobs between Nov 2021 and Jan. 2022. I see this as a symptom of a larger social phenomena that is a direct result of the shared experience we are living through.

We are all reevaluating what “work” means with a renewed understanding that work is what you do, not necessarily where you do it.

We are discovering in real-time that the “where” should be wherever people are most productive – from home, the office, or anywhere else.

This is hybrid work.

After two years at home, we now shift our focus to improving the campus experience to support hybrid work from the office. While we have proven we can be productive working from home, many feel more engaged with face-to-face collaboration. This likely means many of you are reevaluating your office networks to make hybrid work … work. You may quickly find that transforming your office for hybrid work may require more from your network than it is able to give.

To get work done better, faster, and more creatively, you need a powerful and secure platform that provides the broadest range of bandwidth, speed, scale, and power required for today’s more immersive experiences, big and small. You need to secure the network from inside to outside by leveraging enhanced computational power and advanced AI/ML to apply continuous zero trust security anywhere it’s needed. This is the Catalyst 9000 family, including our new Catalyst 9000X models.​

New Catalyst 9000X models
Fig #1: New Catalyst 9000X models

Catalyst 9000X. Powering Hybrid Work.

We recognize that we cannot predict the future, but we can plan for the unknown by building flexibility into the network.  This is the philosophy behind the Cisco Catalyst 9000 family, designed to help your organization respond to the unexpected by building flexibility into both our hardware and software.

As part of our steady rhythm of innovation, we have announced the addition of the “X-factor” to the Catalyst 9000 family with technology enhancements that bring exceptional speed, security, and power to support the future of hybrid work and the mission-critical applications that will power the organizations for the next decades.

The new Cisco Catalyst 9000X models extend each switch series with higher scale, faster performance, greater security, and flexibility to meet the demands of hybrid work. At the campus core, Catalyst 9500X and 9600X models lead the industry with the first 400G in Enterprise and the first to use Silicon One ASICs for campus. At the access edge, Catalyst 9300X and 9400X models deliver full mGig and 90W PoE ports, and converged switching and routing.  All provide continuous zero-trust security for a smarter, more agile campus and branch. 


You want a deeper dive into reimagining your hybrid workplace, one where the workforce creates, manages, and collaborates using the network of today and for the future?

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Jeff Meek

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Mobility