Free Cisco learningIt goes without saying (but I’ll say it anyway): reliability is important, as well as ensuring that you have a backup plan to continue that reliability. Just yesterday as I was embarking on my 50-mile commute into the office, I discovered that one of my car tires was completely flat. A spare tire, a standard feature in most cars here in the States, came to the rescue. Knowing how to change the tire myself, now that’s a different story…

In all seriousness, reliability and high availability are especially critical when it comes to keeping your business – including your branch locations – up and running. After all, downtime has disastrous consequences on your day-to-day operations, productivity, customer experience, and revenue. Imagine you’re in a retail environment and the WAN goes down, even for 10 minutes: the Point of Sale (POS) system is kaput, thus transactions are halted, customers are upset, and you’ve just lost thousands of dollars or more in revenue!

So what happens if your server, WAN, or worse, total system, fails?

Redundancy, just like that spare tire, saves the day. In the fifth and final episode of Inside UCS E-Series, Hugo chats with Tony about how the UCS E-Series on the ISR-AX prevents that retail POS nightmare from happening with server and network reliability. Tony also shares about how we partner with VMWare and others who host applications on the UCS E-Series – with full failover between applications.



  • The Cisco UCS E-Series on the ISR-AX provides full failover for both your network and server. For network reliability, with applications hosted in the DC/cloud, if the WAN goes down, applications such as POS systems in retail stores can be mirrored on the UCS E-Series for full failover.
  • For server reliability, with applications mainly hosted on your server, you can have full failover between servers and its applications by mirroring data across servers on the UCS E-Series.
  • For customers who have multiple servers running on one chassis and want to ensure reliability at the system level, the solution is box-to-box redundancy on the ISR-AX that delivers the redundancy at the network layer for full failover.

Thanks for watching Season 1 of the Inside the Branch series. Stay tuned for Season 2!

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Jolene Tam

Product Marketing Manager