How do you get your business ready for the future? Luckily for you, Cisco and IDC joined together to present a webinar called “Wi-Fi 6 top 6 use cases with guest speaker from IDC.”

Over the past couple of months, we have all been experiencing at least one of these new life-style changes: teleworking, telemedicine, virtual or e-learning education, and many more. These new terminologies—once unknown—have become household names for many people in record time.

As of today, no one knows for sure what changes tomorrow might bring after the pandemic, but one thing that everybody agrees on is that a lot of these new lifestyles changes are going to stay with us beyond this period.

For sure, one thing is certain: almost any organization will need new ways of operating their business.  The key components of the “new normal” of many business operations are digitization, automation, and security. With these components organizations across all sectors, from retail to healthcare to manufacturing, will have the needed flexibility and mobility to scale easily and handle business continuity, even during emergency lockdown.

We’re already starting to see some examples of these changes in operations: contactless transactions, smart wayfinding and trace tracking, in-app services, mobile and virtual check-ins and outs, virtual trainings and events, digital collaborations (whiteboards, video conferencing), virtual show rooms, immersive product catalogs, and countless others.

The role of Wi-Fi 6

As businesses accelerate to a digitized and automated future, Wi-Fi—especially Wi-Fi 6—plays a critical role in that journey. Digital transformation is not a ‘nice to have’ option anymore.

And, as organizations rely more heavily on mobile and IoT devices for their operations and automation, their Wi-Fi network must be able to support more devices and “things” connected to them reliably.

The "new normal" for business continuity: Security, Digitization + Automation foster flexibility and mobility
The “new normal” for business continuity

Wi-Fi 6 is the best suited to meet not only the demands of today’s wireless network, but the demand of emerging mobility use cases, such as immersive experience and high bandwidth applications.

Who, what, when, where, and why?

On May 19th at 10am PDT, IDC senior analyst Brandon Butler and the Cisco team conducted a webinar titled “Wi-Fi 6 top 6 use cases with guest speaker from IDC” that delved into the topic of Wi-Fi 6 vertical-specific use cases for business continuity.

During the webinar, we reviewed the importance of wireless networks and Wi-Fi 6 when it comes to the mobility trends of today and the future. Then we discussed what the future of work would look like, the top use cases of this future for six different vertical industries, as well as the role Wi-Fi 6 has in each of those use cases.


To learn more about Wi-Fi 6 top use cases, watch our Network Insiders Webinar

Wi-Fi 6 top 6 use cases with guest speaker from IDC




Reza Koohrangpour

Product Marketing Manager, SD-WAN Security

Cisco Security