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As you’ve no doubt seen from our recent Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Momentum announcement, the solution continues to evolve in exciting new ways. As new customers see the potential and expand the number and types of use cases, we want to continue to grow the solution and deliver the most compelling location-based services available.

The one constant through all this continual change is how seeing is believing.

I know the line is overused and typically associated with something someone is trying to make seem just this side of magic. That’s not my intent. CMX isn’t magic. It’s just an intelligent and innovate application of the technology that most businesses do or should have in place. That said, the best way to understand and believe in the potential of CMX is to see it in use.

TWTV_164_240x200If you ever get a chance to visit a CMX deployment, including a Cisco Customer Experience Center, CMX Demo Lab, and, coming soon, a CMX On-the-Go Demo, by all means take the time. You will not be disappointed.

However, if you can’t make it to one of these deployments, don’t worry. We’re offering the next best thing—a series of TechWise TV events. First, check out this on-demand TechWiseTV episode where you’ll see Robb and Jimmy Ray experience CMX and its new enhancements with real-world applications in a bar, a bank, a clinic, and a retail store. Then they’ll discuss the technology that makes it all possible.

Want more detail? No problem. On February 25, we’re hosting a TechWiseTV workshop. Register for this first come, first served session to get the inside scoop on how to deploy and configure the technology necessary to make the most of your CMX solution. You’ll learn how to ensure enhanced location accuracy of up to one meter, how to detect and manage BLE beacons, and how to drive real-time location analytics.

Whatever your line of business—retail, hospitality, healthcare, education, sports, entertainment, or government—CMX can help you more effectively engage your customers. And Techwise TV can show you how.

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing