Technology for technology’s sake is an interesting academic exercise. It pushes the boundaries of what’s possible and opens new avenue for research. However, the real value of technology is in its ability to deliver benefits. Companies and people buy technology because it meets a need.

This is by no means a revolutionary concept for most IT professionals. We all know who butters the bread. If we can’t deliver meaningful results, our budgets and positions go away.

So why is there such a big disconnect? Why do many technology companies talk technology rather than business outcomes? Let’s talk real business outcomes not generalities about increased sales and lower costs. What business doesn’t want to increase sales and lower costs? But that’s not a one-size fits all challenge. It differs by region and company size but mostly it differs by industry. Put simply, the business drives that boosts sales in retail are the same that boosts sales in healthcare.

Well, Cisco is changing that. We’re not simply talking technology and letting customers connect the dots. We’re talking specific business objectives, challenges, and outcomes by industry and tying specific mobility technologies to those elements.

Check out our new Mobility Industry pages—for:

Each of these pages will take you on a journey. We’ll bridge the gap between technology and industry. We’ll highlight the business challenges and objectives customers tell us matter most. We’ll highlight case studies where Cisco made a difference for an industry leader. We’ll link you to specific Cisco mobility technologies and Cisco Services that will help you build a successful solution for yourself. And finally, we’ll provide links to industry-specific resources to help you discover what you need.

In the coming months, we’ll continue to increase the assets for the existing pages, as well as, build new pages for new industries. Sure, academic papers may be interesting, but we think the time you spend on these pages is a smart move.


Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing