Access to reliable and secure Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury in the retail world; it’s a necessity. Whether you’re looking to add a network or simply upgrade an older one, Cisco’s Mobility Express Solution makes it easy to provide customers with Wi-Fi, add security cameras and even introduce wireless POS terminals to expedite checkouts. And when you add Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences to your deployment, you can capture presence analytics and engage with your customer through the wi-fi network.

Overloaded networks stop shopping, security and inventory checks in their tracks.

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Got ten minutes? Then you can have a connected network. Add another 20 minutes and you can have a Connected Mobile Experiences presence analytics deployment and captive portal.

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Simple, quick and seamless.

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Support security cameras, speedy mobile checkouts, enhanced customer shopping experiences and more – with minimal IT support – with Mobility Express Solution. Understand and engage your customers better with the added capabilities of Connected Mobile Experiences.

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Are you ready to enhance shopping experiences and empower your personnel with robust, easy-to-install Wi-Fi solutions? Visit our Mobility Express Solution page to see how you can with just a few minutes and without the need for large-scale IT support. For more about Connected Mobile Experiences, see our CMX page.

Have questions or wondering how you can get a demo of Mobility Express Solution? Tweet us @Cisco_Mobility.

Visit the Virtual Experience Page and Enter the Cisco Mobility Express Social Contest for Small and Medium Businesses from September 15-October 30 – Visit here!


Bill Rubino

Product Marketing Manager

Enterprise Networking and Cloud Marketing