One of the many great attributes of Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX ) is that it offers a rich location analytics solution. With advanced capabilities like Path Analysis and Correlation, zone-based reporting relies on a minimum of three or more access points which seamlessly detect and report the received signal strength (RSSI) of a client. In simplistic terms we can say that CMX triangulates the location of a client.

Unfortunately (and realistically) not all venues are equipped with 3 APs. Many of our customers, have a large number of satellite offices . Imagine a popular coffee chains or even well known financial institution, who have small branch offices or stores spread across the country. They too need insights into their customer’s behavior, even if they don’t have multiple AP’s

To address the needs of businesses with smaller sites and wireless deployments not designed for location accuracy, we’ve developed Presence Analytics, which provides priceless customer insights for businesses like those very coffee shops and financial institutions, earlier mentioned.


There are numerous facets of Presence Analytics, here are a few of my favorites:

  1. The Banner visually shares how effectively the business is performing and reaching targets. It provides, if you will, a sort of Key Performance Indicators.

quick look analytics 1


  1. Key Insights provides a clear look into business peak hours, days, weeks, and months.

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  1. Visitor Counts reports the number of passerby’s and in-venue visitors, who stayed more than 5 minutes (or whatever duration you indicate), and out of those numbers, how many actually connected to the wireless network.

quick 2


  1. Repeat Visitors reveals the percentage of visitors who frequent the business (loyal customers) vs. new visitors (first time)

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  1. Dwell Time Distribution displays the duration of visitors’ time in the venue.

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  1. Reports can be viewed both within QLA and can also be shared via email with a simple click of a button

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  1. The customizable interface allows for choice between 4 different color themes to make it the businesses’ very own

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Does Presence Analytics sound like something your business would benefit from? Great! Then give it a try. We’re offering CMX on the cloud beta program for the first 30 customers to sign up. In this program, we will install CMX on Cisco Cloud Services and all you would need to do is to point your controllers to our cloud instance and enjoy the service for two months, free. To qualify for the offer, or if you have questions, please email baong@cisco.com.


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Pritam Shah

Director, Engineering