Location, Location, Location. While location is always important in real estate (never more of an understatement than here in the San Francisco Bay Area), it’s becoming crucial in, well, LIFE itself.

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November 3-4 | Palo Alto, CA

Let me explain the slightly dramatic statement. Location-based services (LBS) have permeated much of our increasingly digitalized lives since we started using our phones for much more than just talking. And it will continue to do so. As mobile, always-connected consumers, we’ve been utilizing LBS over cellular networks for some time, but increasingly also leveraging Wi-Fi networks and Bluetooth low-energy (BLE) for location and context-aware applications. Whether finding the closest restroom on campus, getting coupons to your favorite coffee shop when you’re nearby, or keeping track of critical medical equipment at a hospital – innovative location technology is enhancing so many aspects of our everyday lives.

This innovation is why Cisco Mobility is excited to be a Silver Sponsor at Location & Context World in Palo Alto, CA, the first dedicated LBS conference of its kind. For the next two days beginning tomorrow, technology and business innovators will meet and mingle to revolutionize personalized and hyper-relevant services through location, context, and analytics.

What do we have in store at Location & Context World, November 3-4?

  • Tuesday, November 3 at 9:20am: Join Greg Dorai, VP of Product Management and Strategy at Cisco, to explore how Wi-Fi and BLE provide powerful location insights and drive personalized customer experiences. You can check out his blog about it here.
  • Wednesday, November 4, at 11:35am: Learn how the shopping experience can be digitized and transformed through various levels of location technologies from Darryl Sladden, Senior Technical Marketing Manager at Cisco.
  • On either day, swing by the Exhibition area to check out demonstrations of our Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) solution that includes analytics and captive portal tools, as well as our award-winning Hyperlocation technology for location accuracy within 1-meter. We’ll also have some sleek 4GB USB flash drives on-hand if you come say hello!

We hope to see you at Location & Context World, but in the meantime, check us out online here.


Jolene Tam

Product Marketing Manager