Welcome to the newest installment of the #CiscoChat podcast. In this episode, you’ll get to meet the latest, greatest addition to the Cisco ONE Software family: the Cisco ONE Subscription for Switching Software.

Why the subscription, and why now? In this new, complex era of networking, driven by advances in Internet of Things (IoT) technology, cloud computing, and mobility, there are more threats to —and possibilities to improve on — the network than ever before. But to minimize risk and maximize opportunity, networks need to be able to act fast.

That’s where the Cisco ONE Subscription for Switching Software comes in, delivering the extra intelligence and security required for your network to take on any challenge. Want to find out more? Tune in to our podcast! Download the episode on SoundCloud, or listen here now:

This podcast will be led by Marketing Communications Specialist Ameena Arsheen, Marketing Manager Nada MacKinney, as well as Product Marketing Manager Darshana Paithankar. In the talk, Ameena, Nada, and Darshana will walk through the details of the new plan and what it means for you, answering questions like:

  • Does this subscription licensing enhance user value — beyond the software itself? How?
  • What new use cases does this release enable?
  • What hardware does this release support, and how can you migrate to this model?

For answers, listen the full podcast above — and then contribute to the conversation yourself in the comments below, or by tweeting at  . Finally, once you’re finished with the podcast, dive deeper into your digital transformation by downloading IDC’s insightful white paper, “The Business Value of Creating Digital-Ready Networks with Cisco DNA Solutions.”

To learn more about Cisco One, visit cisco.com/go/onedna
For more on Cisco DNA, visit cs.co/90028awY6



Darshana Paithankar

Product Marketing Manager

Cisco ONE Software Marketing