A CMX Partner Ecosystem Blog

Ecosystem partners are an important adjunct to Cisco Connected Mobile Experience (CMX). They augment the analytic and customer engagement capabilities of the solution with innovative business outcomes. This blog is one in a series that highlights our CMX Ecosystem Partners. Today—Nevotek.


Nevotek integrates IP voice, data, and video into a robust suite of solutions that help companies make the most of their IP assets. Nevotek’s V/IP Connect hospitality solution is focused on enhancing guest experience and has been compatible with Cisco IP phones and Unified Communications Manager for more than fifteen years. Over the last year, this partnership has extended to Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX). Working with CMX, Nevotek’s V/IP Connect Solution provides the opportunity to offer more personalized location based services to hotel guests.

V/IP Connect is a boon for hotel operators. Not only can they make available new, revenue-generating services, but they also reduce the cost of ownership and operations. Because V/IP Connect is a single application that runs on a single server and takes full advantage of the power of the IP network, hotels can reduce hardware expenses. V/IP Connect also simplifies and streamlines management and IT tasks, such as telephone security and administration, in-room environmental controls, and billing for services.

Nevotek and CMX Make Guest Experience Seamless

The ability of Nevotek V/IP Connect to integrate several data sources is a perfect fit for CMX. By linking the hotel’s property management and CRM database with CMX, the hotel can seamlessly guide the guest through the check in and wi-fi log-in process. The guest is seamlessly authenticated and provided the correct level of access based on their reservation, preferences, and/or past loyalty history. The Nevotek/CMX solution can even support different wi-fi access levels based on the location within the hotel including guest room, conference rooms, and public spaces. Any resulting charges are automatically posted to the guest’s account.

Nevotek has also developed a hotel loyalty application that leverages the location data provided by CMX. The easy-to-use, mobile device can be customized to provide the guest complete control of their on-site experience. The guest can access the hotel guide, book services such as room service, housekeeping, and control room amenities. They can even use the application as a remote control to access television services and display their video service on the room’s large screen television.

This combination provides a single source for improving the guest experience, analyzing on-site behavior, and optimizing hotel operations.

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Daryl Coon

Cisco Customer Solutions Marketing