Organizations need to be agile, flexible, and visionary. Now with My Cisco Entitlements (MCE), you have a platform that can help you achieve this.

I am proud to share Cisco’s official introduction of My Cisco Entitlements (MCE) for our customers and partners. MCE is a comprehensive lifecycle management platform that is robust, unified, and secure. Based on Smart Accounts and ISO Compliant Application Programming Interfaces, MCE provides customers and partners the flexibility to self-manage all Cisco IT purchases. We anticipate that MCE will rapidly lead the way in how our customers and partners manage their post-sale Cisco IT assets and entitlements.

Helps Organizations Maximize their ROI and Minimize Risk

This innovative new platform empowers organizations to maximize their return on investment, reduce risk and protect investments. It provides real-time insights into all Cisco services, subscriptions, licenses, and devices throughout their lifecycle. With a comprehensive view, IT and network administrators have the visibility and control they need to make well-informed, cost-effective,­ and compliant decisions.

IT Teams Drive Improved Business Operations

By generating MCE’s dynamic analysis and reports, IT teams have access to valuable information to drive improved business operations. For example, the last day of support (LDoS), renewals, and subscriptions are effortlessly identified by using sort and filter features.  As a result, cost is optimized and risk is reduced as they proactively plan usage and renewal of products and services.

Customers Manage Investments With Cisco More Effectively

Customers can also maximize the return on their investment by leveraging products and services usage insights. This customer-based platform simplifies how end customers manage their investments with Cisco effectively. In the future, Cisco partners can build and monetize asset and entitlement management practices for their customer base.

Taking Smart Accounts to the Next Level – One Unified Platform

As you may recall, Cisco introduced Smart Licensing and Smart Accounts to simplify and streamline software purchases, transfers, and activations for our customers. Built on the foundation of Smart Accounts, MCE takes this same concept to the next level with the integration and management of all licenses, devices, services, and subscriptions on one unified platform. MCE offers customers crucial insight into what they own and how to manage their assets even more effectively. Even better, it provides secure and consolidated user access.

The unified platform has been in pilot for the last five months, with more than 400 customers participating in beta testing. Since we began the pilot program in February, based on customers’ feedback, we’ve been able to uplevel MCE’s capabilities to better serve end users needs. Now, MCE is available to anyone who signs-up via this survey and has a Smart Account with Cisco.

Customer feedback from our pilot users has been incredibly positive. The most common feedback is that they love the one-view dashboard, sort, and filter features, and how key information, such as the last day of support and service coverage, is consolidated into one view. MCE simplifies the way information is managed.

We continue to integrate future release features and capabilities to enable our customers to be successful in an increasingly connected world – with security as a top priority. We can expect the increased use of telemetry in the coming year will provide proactive device health information and drive automation to workflows as needed to avoid delay and overhead.

My Cisco Entitlements connects your Smart Account, licensing, asset management, entitlement management and services to drive your digital business. As customers continue to find new ways to maximize ROI, reduce risk, and protect investments, MCE is poised to lead the way in the digital transformation era.

In the coming years, it’s imperative that every leader in every industry and organization is lock-step with the quickly shifting landscape of technologies to be competitive, increase revenue streams, and meet the needs of their customers. MCE is our solution to help meet these needs as technologies become even more and more complex. This solution offers our customers and partners a new way to protect their valued investments and minimize risk.

I look forward to sharing more about MCE as it evolves. Please visit the MCE cisco.com page to learn more. Sign up for MCE and get started today – it’s fast, easy, and free.


Gilles Leyrat

Senior Vice President

Customer and Partner Services