The ever-increasing number of devices and applications coming into the workplace poses complex challenges for the enterprise. As a result, IT must adapt the ways in which they enable, manage, and secure end-user access.

  • How will the network handle increased demand for bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies and mobility?
  • How can IT maintain raised expectations for wired devices, while improving the end-user experience?

To solidify IT as a key contributor in driving better business processes, IT teams must shift from maintaining the network to delivering innovative, connected experiences. The key to success is to simplify the network, and Cisco Unified Access does just that.

Mark your calendars for our five-part webinar series to learn how to create an effective, unified access strategy. Find out how to transform IT to better address the demands of BYOD and next-generation technology.

  • Wednesday, April 3: Activate the IT Transformation <–Register NOW!
  • Wednesday April 17: One Network Part 1: Deploying Unified Access
  • Wednesday May 1: One Network Part 2: Simplifying the Network Infrastructure
  • Wednesday May 15: One Policy: Centralized Policy, Control and Enforcement
  • Wednesday June 5: One Management: Converged User Access Management

You will learn how to:

  • Scale your business to meet new BYOD and mobility demands with faster service rollouts and efficient change management.
  • Simplify and converge the access network to provide more network services, greater consistency, and an open, programmable infrastructure.
  • Deliver a single policy across wired, wireless, and VPN; managed and BYOD assets; and multidevice management (MDM).
  • Achieve access lifecycle management and granular visibility that streamlines infrastructure management tasks and improves the end-user experience.

You can register for the first webinar today! Stay tuned for the others by checking out our community webinar page!