Innovate education and provide differentiated curriculums utilizing BYOD with Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education.  

With 19 schools, 11,700 students, and an unreliable wireless infrastructure, Chapel Hill- Carrboro City Schools, , faced challenges in attempting to embrace BYOD. Without a pervasive wireless infrastructure, the school could not rise to meet the BYOD trend, much less create an enriched learning environment leveraging technology.

The Chapel Hill school district took its first steps into an enterprise wireless solution leveraging Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education.   With a pervasive, scalable and reliable wireless network, the school can now employ laptop carts for students to access information on the fly.  Teachers can now leverage online resources directly from the classroom, and faculty can access district networks with their own devices.

See how, after selecting and deploying Cisco’s BYOD Solutions for K12, anytime access greatly improved a learner-centric environment within Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School District.  Students are now empowered to collaborate and access information utilizing laptop carts or their own laptops, tablets, or smartphones.  Educators now have also enrolled in Chapel Hill – Carrboro City School District laptop programs designed to empower teachers to take control of the way they can reach their students.    Learning continues well beyond 3pm Monday – Friday, and can be accessed anywhere, anytime with Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education.

We’re actually holding a three-part webinar series on K-12 BYOD Solutions. Part 1, “Tablets in Education” is now on demand in our community. Part 2, “Take Control of Your K-12 Network” covers application visibility and control in an education environment. This great webinar is next week April 23. Registration is open now on our community.

Technology will continue to transform education as an experience for both students and educators alike.  Learn more about Cisco BYOD Solutions for K12 Education