According to the RightScale State of the Cloud 2018 Report, 81% of enterprises have a multi-cloud strategy. Where are you in your journey to the cloud?

While multi-cloud sounds easy on paper, the reality is more complex. I am sure you’ve asked yourselves some of these questions: “How do I define and execute my cloud first strategy?”, “How do I securely extend private networks to public clouds?”, “How do I protect my cloud applications, endpoints, and data?”.

First and foremost, you need a simple and scalable way to securely extend the private network across multiple cloud environments that allows you to seamlessly extend policies between private and public clouds and maintains or enhances application experience by choosing the best path to the cloud.

Cisco’s Cloud Services Router 1000V Series (CSR 1000V) securely extends your on-premise network to the public cloud and allows you to maintain application experience and extend your policies right to your applications. It also simplifies routing within cloud environments by layering a hub-and-spoke topology. CSR can be deployed in a dedicated VPC (Virtual Private Cloud) or VNET (Azure Network) as a  central hub to perform transitive routing between spoke networks. The Transit VPC/Transit VNET simplifies network management and minimizes the number of connections required to connect multiple VPCs/VNETs and remote networks.

CSR 1000V provides the richness of Cisco IOS-XE software in a virtual form factor. By deploying CSR in the public cloud, you can effectively extend all IOS-XE features all the way to your applications. It provides consistency of routing, policies, security, application experience, visibility, and management tools across your private network to multi-cloud environments with protocols and features like BGP, VRF, QoS, SGT, IPsec/VPNs, AVC and more.

Where do I find it?

CSR 1000V is available on AWS (Amazon Web Services) and Microsoft Azure marketplaces. It is now also available for Google Cloud Platforms (GCP) deployments, too!

CSR 1000V deployment options:

Application VPC/VNET Gateway:

  • Deployed in front of an application
  • Provides IPsec gateway for the entire VPC/VNET
  • In pairs to provide High Availability

Transit Hub Router:

  • Deployed in a dedicated VPC/VNET – the Transit VPC/Transit VNET
  • Built-in High Availability as the CSRs in the pair are in different availability zones
  • Provides high speed routing for spoke VPC/VNET

CSR in the public cloud allows customers to deploy advanced architectures with ease:

  • Segmentation: Deploying CSR 1000V as a Transit VPC or Transit VNET (Azure Virtual Network) allows you to create sophisticated deployments with built-in segmentation. For example, if you need to segregate different departments or partners, you can represent each spoke VPC as a different VRF (virtual routing and forwarding) on CSR.
  • Quality of Service (QoS): Public cloud infrastructures don’t acknowledge QoS values. With CSR 1000v you can use QoS over an IPsec tunnel and shape different traffic to ensure application experience when the link gets over-subscribed.
  • Application Visibility and Control (AVC): Don’t let the public cloud become your blind spot! Leveraging AVC on CSR gives you visibility into your application traffic, allows you to send application metrics to a central controller to ensure app experience and automatically apply QoS policies when needed.

Last but not least, CSR allows you to address the same use cases in a consistent manner across AWS, Azure and GCP. Your applications can reside in one of these clouds or in all of them and CSR will provide you the same tools and capabilities to turn your multi-cloud strategy into reality!

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Elisa Caredio

Product Manager

Enterprise Routing