Change is tough. True transformation is even tougher –especially when we are talking about the transformation of your tried and tested networks to a new software-defined model with Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture (DNA). And to take full advantage of these emerging network technologies, you will need new skill-sets and operational policies. The good news is that with Cisco DNA you also get the resources to navigate change and ensure success.

What are customers telling us?

IDC Research has surveyed customers’ current network status on the roadmap and have some preliminary findings:

  1. 4/5ths of organizations have NOT yet aligned their business strategies and IT strategies.
  2. Those that have are seeing twice the revenue growth as those that have not.
  3. The percentage of customers with a fully software-defined, and fully automation-capable network (stages 4 and 5) will more than triple over the next 2 years from 13% to 44%.

But there is a rush – most customers are planning to rapidly advance the capabilities of their networks across all the key attributes – such as a digital architectural approach, based on automation, security, and analytics. The graph below describes the rapid planned adoption of network-enabled analytics over the next 2 years (in red).


Source: IDC Infographic, sponsored by Cisco, How “Digital-Ready” is your organization network today? 2016

So what now?

Your network really does need to evolve. Or, maybe you already started but you wonder- where next?

Your next step depends on your role, but everyone does have a part to play. If you have responsibility for the network architecture, the first thing you should do is make sure you understand and perhaps even drive your organization’s digital plans. What digital initiatives does your organization have on the roadmap – and how well is your network positioned to support them? It’s critical to understand as that will guide how quickly you need to evolve your network to support the business. How do you acquire digital network skills?


Join @CiscoEnterprise, on August 11th at noon to discuss Network Programing and the application to the Network Engineer and what skills are needed to obtaining a digital ready network. Co-hosting this #CiscoChat is Learning at Cisco’s Technical Engineer,  David Mallory and DevNet’s Chris Oggerino along with Nectar Services Corp. Steven Purcell, Cisco Solution Partner and Sr. Director Cisco Global Program Management and Nectars’ VP of Product, Russell Wiant to answer how #CiscoDNA solutions are used for simplifying QoS across Cisco’s Digital Network Architecture. We’ll also discuss the clear roadmap DNA provides for evolution Cisco of professional skills — expanding from NetOps into DevOps and a clear ability to deliver the future network .

See if your network is ready today: Cisco DNA Readiness Model

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